5 Tips to Run With A Dog

Dogs can make fantastic running partners. They can keep you motivated, give you more of a reason to keep to a running schedule and make the track more enjoyable. Running is great exercise and a great way to speed time with your dog in the great outdoors.

However, dogs also have limits when it comes to doing too much running. You should pay attention to what your fluffy friend needs as well as make sure that you and they are safe throughout the jog. Here are a few tips to make the sports of running as safe and fun for not only your dog but for yourself as well.

5 tips to run with a dog




5 Tips to Run with A Dog


1. Be Prepared

When someone begins training, they start off slowly and with time they build up speed. This is no difference when it comes to your dog. They need to train. They should start off with a walk, with a bit of light jogging thrown in the mix, for the first year. This would be the easier part of the training.

tips to run with a dog

2. Put a Leash On It

The slightly more challenging part (depending on your dog) is making sure that they stick to one side of your body. A dog can go all over the place and this may result in them getting lost. Having a missing dog is a terrible ordeal to go through.

If you, or someone you know, want to find a missing dog, there are a number of websites that can help you out. However, a way to avoid this at the beginning is to make sure that your beloved four-legged friend is on a leash and teach them to walk beside you on one side.

Once they get the hang of staying to one side, you can slowly increase the running speed. It’s recommended that you get a run with dog leash suited to your specific breed of dog like the ones found here, so your pooch is as comfortable as possible running by your side. 

3. Breaks and Water

Another thing to keep in mind is that your dog can get tired and thirsty. Keep your eye on them, and change pace if you see that they are slowing down, or even not wanting to move at all. In the latter, it may be better to call it a day and head back home.


run with a dog leash

There is always tomorrow. However, when you are running with them make sure that you have enough water for them as well as yourself. You should take a drinking bowl with you, as well as allowing for short breaks so your furry friend can have a slip of cold water.


Running can be done at any time of the day regards to the weather. But there are some types of days that suit your dog more than others. While running when it is a nice, hot, summer day can be great for you, it may not be for them due to their fur and their naked paws (especially on cement in cities). 

Here are more tips for your dogs in warm weather. 


5 tips to run with a dog

They could end up getting burned (if it is that hot) or getting heatstroke. However, a lot of dogs like jumping around and running in the rain, but this may not boil well for you since you can catch the flu.

Therefore, it is important to see what type of day can suit both of you. The best times could be late evening or early morning, and if you can only running during the day, try to aim for areas that have a lot of shade.

However, it is important to keep a routine of when the two of you go running. They will become used to it and will get excited when it is time to hit the track. Therefore, in the beginning experiment with different times of the day and once you find a time that both of you seem to like more than the others, stick to it. Plus, discover a few paths that you two can run on so that your dog does not get bored, and when you take a short break they can have a chance to sniff the new smells. Just do not get lost.

5. Days After a Run with A Dog

A lot of runners, or anyone who has done exercise, can experience sore muscles a few days after they have trained. This can also happen to your dog. You should see how they are acting two days after a run, and if they seem slower or moving with difficulty, maybe skip the next session until they feel better. Treat your dog how you would treat yourself when your muscles are sore. You would not want to push them too much. If they do not get better than you should take them to see a vet for a check-up.

Running with your dog can be a great source of bonding, exercising, and a chance to experience all that nature has to offer. You may even consider letting your furry friend run free with your eyes on them while you catch your breath. Just make sure that they are safe.

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