6 Mothers Day Gifts and Mothers Day Deals You Can’t Miss

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Any moms out there need to forward this list to any potential gift purchasers as a hint. Or you could simply purchase them yourself and have the kids wrap them for you. While everyday moms should be appreciated for all that we do for our family’s from taxi driver to executive chef, Mother’s Day is an excuse to get spoiled and get a few treats for yourself. I can’t wait to see which of these gift ideas you want on the top of your Mothers Day Gift list.  Plus most of these brands are offering Mothers Day Deals for my readers so be sure to read each section carefully. 

Beauty and Lifestyle Goodies Perfect for a Mothers Day Gift List

6 Mothers Day Gifts and Mothers Day Deals You Can’t Miss

Beauty and Lifestyle Goodies Perfect for a Mothers Day Gift List

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

Technology gift ideas

If you lost your phone today, how many pictures, videos, and important emails would you lose? I can no longer get on my old computer with my old photos I stored there years ago and have no lost years of photos of my kids and its heartbreaking.

Those of you that have an iPhone the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is designed to free up space on your iPhone, password-protect sensitive files, automatically back up your camera roll, and even watch videos straight from the drive. With a lightning and a USB 3.0 connector to plug into your Mac or PC, you can move your stuff exactly where you want it. It fits perfectly into your phone perfectly but in minutes you have not only saved those precious pictures and videos but have freed up space so you can continue to take photos without having to go back and delete pictures in order to make room for new memories.

This Mother’s Day, give mom peace of mind by quickly (and simply!) backing up those cherished photos and videos on your iPhone devices with the iXpand Flash Drive or for Android users check out the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0.


Mothers day gift ideas 2 beauty gifts

What woman does not want to look younger? DERMAFLASH 2.0 instantly removes dead skin cells, built-up debris, and pesky peach fuzz. The device was designed forthe delicate skin on a woman’s face and was created by a woman for ALL women. DERMAFLASH provides a superior level of exfoliation that is only otherwise available through a visit to an aesthetician. So why do you need to exfoliate? DERMAFLASH 2.0 instantly removes the top layer of dull dead skin and peach fuzz. As a result,  makeup will glide on flawlessly, and your skincare will absorb into your skin even better making them more effective too.
I was nervous to use this product and was skeptical about how the hair would grow back. I’m Italian and don’t need more dark hair especially on my face. It has only been a week so I will come back to update this post. It was simple to use, and really I had no idea I had that much peach fuzz until I started using this product. Who knew that removing a little dull skin and peach fuzz could have such an amazing effect on your complexion?!

Mothers Day Deal: Be sure to visit Dermaflash.com and use the discount code  “MOTHERSDAY” for 20% your purchase.

More Mothers Day Gifts and Mothers Day Deals

Maidenform Loungewear Collection

Indulge your whole body when you slip yourself into the new Maidenform Loungewear Collection. For the mom who is in the night sweat stage, this set is perfect. It is silky and soft yet the fabric is not bulky that heats you up during the hot summer months. Plus your bedmate will fall in love with just how gorgeous the loungewear is. Be sure to check out the full line of Maidenform Loungewear as there are five options to match your style and mood. While this particular set is not ideal for leaving the house, there are some other designs that you could probably drive carpool in! I work from home and on lazy mornings where I don’t have to be somewhere, you will definitely be finding me in comfortable loungewear. These pieces are also very reasonably priced so treat that mother and buy a few different styles and colors!


Let’s face it aging stinks and finding the time for our beauty regime can be challenging. Why not find products that can serve as many different products?
Upgrade your beauty routine with this clinical grade  “Dream Cleanser,” that is powerful enough to remove makeup,
but gentle enough to smooth and condition. Filled with  Omega-rich Baobab Oil, Vitamin C, and a High-Powered Hyaluronic Acid that is 50 x more powerful than the standard, it lifts away impurities, leaving a veil of dewy hydration. Not only does it replace your makeup remover; use it as the ultimate Luxury Hydration Mask! Leave it on for a few minutes and you just gave yourself a facial!
After this long winter, my skin is dry and needs some love. The ACQUA LUMIERE HYDRATING SERUM  delivers a highly concentrated dose of mineral
anti-oxidants from the copper-enriched gemstone Malachite. Combined with Marine Collagen, Omega-Rich Baobab Oil, and Vitamin C to boost firmness, help block
inflammation and repair sun damage while targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Did you convince you with the fine lines and wrinkles comment? After years basking in the sun wouldn’t it be nice to have a product to help repair all that sun damage?
Top off this gift by including these bamboo washcloths are the perfect match for The Hydrating Cleanser. Take your skin care regimen to
the next level, by gently massaging the cleanser onto your face, allowing the intoxicating formula to melt into your skin. The washcloths that came with my towel set are bulky and a little harsh on my face. I might actually use washcloths the proper way knowing that they are helpful in getting my face cleaner and more efficient.

Mothers Day Deal: Receive a FREE set of six ultra-luxe BELLAME bamboo sourced washcloths with the purchase of The ACQUA LUMIERE COLLECTION. Gift Valued at $22.

Divina Vince Camuto

Mothers day gift ideas 2 beauty gifts

My husband does not like perfume but this one is subtle and mood enhancing. Spring has been cold and wet, so spraying myself with a perfume with notes of
grapefruit, mimosa blossom, and musk will make you feel lift my spirits, while the vivid yellow petals of sunflowers warm the heart, transporting you to a perfect day. Reminds me of my wedding day filled with sunflowers. You don’t need much just a quick squirt on your pulse points! Summertime in a bottle will be a big hit for any outdoor loving mom on your list. Find out more about Divinia Vince Camuto.


Food is not a unique Mother’s Day Gift but Edible Arrangements® changes that. Plus amazing fruit mom doesn’t have to cut up to serve. If you have never experienced a fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements®  then you are missing out. They offer same day delivery just in case you don’t realize you missed an occasion. Their products are all made fresh daily and are hand-crafted locally at our 1,200+ stores throughout the country. We use high quality fresh, never frozen fruit and 100% real chocolate.



Check out the size of these chocolate covered strawberries and the adorable chocolate Happy Mother’s Day Chocolate Hearts  The kids gobbled them up in no time, but don’t worry I snagged a few for myself and hid them in the fridge for later. You can’t go wrong gifted these Mother’s Day Berries™ of Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with White Swizzle or the strawberries with melt-in-your-mouth red and pink chocolate curls! Which one would you grab first?

Mothers Day Deal: Discount code: BESTMOM for 15% of $65+ purchases, valid 4/30 – 5/11

Which of these items will you be adding to your Mother’s Day Wish List???

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