6 Steps to Choosing the Right Bra Size #WomenWhoDo

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Bra Size #WomenWhoDo
I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair. I received product samples compensation to facilitate my review and6 steps to choosing the right bra size and  to thank me for my participation.

Finding the right bra seems like an easy task for women. Go to the store, search for the size you have been in for years, look for a cute style and buy it. During my time at the Vanity Fair  Women Who Do Summit in July, I learned this is far from reality. Did you know, 80% of women don’t know if they are wearing the right bra. While style is important, sizing and comfort should be your first priorities. I am sharing 3 things every women should know before purchasing a bra to ensure comfort and proper support. We all know we have spent a day in a bra and your chest hurts or you were bouncing all over the place. (we are all guilty of this)

6 steps to choosing the right bra

I spent a month wearing my Vanity Fair Women’s Body Caress Full Coverage Wirefree Bra   and the Vanity Fair Women’s Body Caress Full Coverage Underwire Bra I brought home from my bra fitting in NYC. Since wearing both of these, I have not gone back to my old bras. (Did I mention old, probably 10 years old). I have since thrown out a lot of bras in my drawer as well.

                                                                               Wire Free


These bras are beyond comfortable as I wore them both for our trip to Alaska. We were constantly on the move and these were so supportive too. In the past, I  had an issue with headlights, not on cars. You know what I mean right!! I was able to wear a lot of different shirts and dresses and never noticed this problem. Also they look smooth under my shirts and feel so soft on my skin. 

body carress

I am also in love with their Illumination String Bikinis. A best seller at Macy’s . These panties  flex and stay in place. No worries about grabbing my underwear when I wear dresses. I love the colors too. 


Before choosing a bra size, take these steps to ensure a proper fit. 

  1. 2 Finger Test: Put 2 fingers under straps and band to ensure it fits properly
  2. Cup Check: Your breasts should fill the cup, leaving no wrinkles or gaps and the cups are flush to the chest
  3. Middle Hook: The bra should fit the best on the middle hook. This will allow for small fluctuations in size
  4. MAX Lift: With your arms at your size, your breasts should lie between your shoulders and elbows.
  5. Comfort: You should not feel the bra
  6. Top Test: Put on a shirt to test the look. A tight t-shirt works the best.

So what should you know before purchasing a bra and choosing a Vanity Fair Bra:

  1. Vanity Fair’s modern and practical styles are inspired by customers’ needs so the brand can help provide women with confidence all day long. Vanity Fair products offer a touch of elegance that continually changes with the times to remain on-trend, but incredibly functional.
2. The designers at Vanity Fair are always scouting emerging trends and styles by taking inspiration from seasonal runway shows. The products at Vanity Fair are always stylish and trend-right and take advantage of developing styles based around fashion trends and colors.
3. Get Fitted periodically before purchasing a bra. Hormones, Age, weight gain and pregnancy can alter your bra size. Vanity Fair offers an extensive assortment of sizing, including band sizes 34 – 44 and cup sizes B – DDD.

Be sure to look for Vanity Fair Products at retailers nationwide including Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney and Sears. You wont be breaking the bank either. Gone are the days of $80 Bras that look good but feel horrible. Vanity Fair bras typically retail around $40 and panties typically retail around $9 for one pair. Look out for sales as well.


Can you tell which one is the Vanity Fair Bra? A or B? 


  1. I never knew I was suppose to use the middle hook. I always had but I never know it was the right thing to do.

  2. Sounds like you are on the right path to keeping up with the girls!!

  3. trust me it makes a world of difference and our bodies are constantly changing.

  4. Bra fittings are so important. I only replace my bras every couple of years but I do make sure to get fitted when I purchase new ones!

  5. I really need to go get measured and invest in some new bras. Been years since I ahve done that. Great post!

  6. I’m in my mid 30’s and I still don’t think I know my correct size. I really need to get a proper size before they start sagging so much it’s too late lol.

  7. Those are smart tips for getting a good fit. An ill fitting bra can bother you all day long!

  8. I love this tips, i just measured what fits for me and i buy it, i love the non wire bra i am comfy with that

  9. Bras change how we look and how we feel. It is a piece of clothing we should spend more time and attention to getting the size and fit correct.

  10. I definitely need to get measured. A proper fitting bra makes all the difference!

  11. Thanks for these tips! I had no idea that Vanity Fair made Bras. Once I’m done nursing, I definitely need to be resized for a bra.

  12. Great tips! I like this company and usually buy mine at Macy’s. This is one thing that we all have in common as women. Important stuff.

  13. This is great advice. Those Vanity fair bras sound perfect! I should try one out.

  14. I did not know they had them. I choose comfort first.

  15. I get measured about once a year, sometimes more since I’ve been pregnant and nursing. It makes a huge difference. I was wearing the wrong size for YEARS.

  16. I had no idea Vanity Fair had a line of underwear. These are great tips .. I like to get professionally measured. I feel they always do a better job

  17. It’s amazing what a difference the right bra can make. I could definitely use a professional fitting.

  18. It’s always hard to choose the right bra size. It seems like every size in every brand fits differently.

  19. I’m pretty sure I join the ranks of the 80% of women who aren’t wearing the right size bra! These are all good suggestions to consider the next time I go bra shopping. I’d really like to get measured too!

  20. I get sized every time I go. {which is a pain} but I would rather have the right fit and the right feel.
    I need to try wireless… I hate getting stabbed with the wire when the bra starts wearing out.

  21. Sometimes brands have Vanity sizes that make you think you are a bigger size than you are.. That happened to me when I got sized again…

  22. I got measured once and just buy the size that they told me was right. It fits, so that is good.

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