7 Tips For Moving Across Country

7 Tips For Moving Across Country

You can learn how to pack up your home for moving across country like a pro without paying a penny for a professional mover. Here are a handful of simple relocation tips from the pros!

 Moving Across Country is made easy with our great list of best moving tips! Use these 7 Tips For Moving Across Country to make the job easier!



7 Tips For Moving Across Country

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Whether you are picking up and moving into a new place on the other side of town, or moving across country, moving can be an incredibly frustrating experience.  A thoughtful moving plan with an established moving date months in advance can not only save money, it can also save time and nerves. Procrastination is common when it comes to moving houses, however doing so can really create obstacles during the moving process. With that in mind, we have assembled some of the best tips from professional movers over the years in a neat and tidy moving house guide.

1. Establish a date well in advance

If you are able to establish a moving date well in advance, you allow yourself more time to plan and prepare. Planning 3-6 months in advance is ideal, but that may not always be possible. 

The extra time will allow you to:

  • Shop for moving boxes for sale online
  • Book the most affordable moving company (for either a truck or a shipping container)
  • Save money by booking on the cheapest day possible if it’s for a moving truck (early in the week, during the day).You can save a lot of stress and dollars booking well in advance.

2. Give yourself time with a shipping container

Having a shipping container in your back lot, carport, or driveway for a week or two leading up to moving across country will allow you to “slow pack”. This kind of move is great for people with a lot on their plate career or family-wise, and for those with medical conditions that may slow them down a little bit.

3. Pack a suitcase like you’re going on vacation

Before you begin packing, set aside your personal necessities as if you were going on a vacation. In other words, pack toiletries, clothes for work/life, footwear, important documents (including papers from your vet if you have a pet, insurance papers, moving truck reservations, cheques, passport, etc). You never know how long it may take you to unpack!

4. Pack the “first out” box

Anything you need right up until the big day goes in this box and it’s packed last so it’s first out. In this box ,we suggest you pack the following;

  • We mentioned packing like you’re on a vacation earlier. Well now pack like you’re going camping for this box. Put in stuff like the cutlery, can opener, dish soap, towels, toilet paper, a pot or pan, etc. You’ll need to eat soon enough during or after the move.
  • Unpacking tools like box cutters (plural), scissors, tape measure, markers, etc.
  • Toys to keep the kids entertained, maybe a tablet, board game, cards, colouring book, etc.

5. Label everything

To eliminate as many surprises as possible, label every single cardboard box, plastic bag, and everything wrapped up in some sort of newspaper/bubble wrap. Make sure it’s easy to comprehend that even a monkey can figure out what room it belongs in. Moving across country means you may be waiting a few days or weeks for your items to arrive at their destination. When that is the case, you may not remember exactly where things are packed. This helps tremendously. 

6. Tape up glass doors, mirrors

If you are unfortunate enough to break a glass mirror or glass doors, you can reduce the amount of broken glass you have to clean up by taping up your glass and mirrors with wide/thick masking tape. This helps keep them sturdy in shipping. 

7. Beer

Lure your friends out of the woodwork to help you out with beer and keep them fed. Just make sure not to open the beer until all the big stuff and everything is actually packed or moved. Trust me on this one.

Moving across country, or even across town doesn’t have to be so daunting. Use our simple list to help you stay on track for your next big move!

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