A Smurfalish Party

I am sure many of you remember the cartoon series the Smurfs in the 80’s. All those blue little creatures that I always want sure how one girls survived all those men! This summer I was pleasantly surprised to see the Smurf movie. It was entertaining and more so as we had just gotten back from a trip to NYC.
I was not sure how the concept of “real” actors and animation would change my view of these blue creatures but it was done rather well.
My kid had never seen the cartoon and they really enjoyed the movie. SInce it is coming out in DVD we thought we throw a smurf party to celebrate.
Using Blue balloons and some digital paperwork given from Crowdtrap, I made these smurf creatures to adorn the table.

Of course we had to buy everything blue from the tablecloth to the plates and napkins.
Coloring pages: You can download Smurf Coloring pages HERE
The kids were able to play a few online games HERE

Then they started on the snacks. 
                                          I made Smurfberry Popcorn.
To Learn how to make these Popcorn Treats view this Post.
Then the kids made their own Smurfs to eat. Here are some of the things I purchased. But the project evolved once the kids got started.

I thought eyes were enough but no way

Added a mini marshmallow hat

Then a cute Smurf Smile
Here the kids are enjoying the activities.
Fun by all I think they will enjoy watching the movie again in their own homes this holiday season.

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  1. This looks like a blast!! My boys would def. love this. Found you through Livin’ the Fit Life. Have a great day, Claire