A Teen’s Skin Care Routine with Clearasil

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Clearasil. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Need a stocking stuffer idea for your teenagers? It is not a new tech item, not even anything for them to wear, but Clearasil products,  Let’s face it we all were those teenagers dealing with hormone changes, active lifestyles and bad skin. Giving them a product that will help control their acne will improve their self-esteem in a awkward time of their life.

I had my 13-year-old daughter, try out two Clearasil products, the Ultra Rapid Action Daily Gel way and the Hyrda-Blast Oil-Free Face Wash. The Daily Gel Wash works in as little as 12 hours to creat clear skin as it quickly opens up blocked pores, a big problem for teens.

The Hyrdra Bloas Oil-Free Face Wash, is clinically proved to help reduce those stubborn Teenage breakouts by up to 85% in just 4 weeks. Which seems like a lifetime for a teenager, but if used regularly can make a huge difference to keep their skin cleaner daily.

Since I did not try them out myself, my daughter will share her thoughts on how she integrated these Clearasil products into her daily life.

Recently I have been loving the Clearasil products. This time of year I eat all of bad stuff for me, like cookies and holiday sweets. For me, I usually get acne when I eat too much sugar and don’t drink enough water, so pimples are very hard to stay away from. My skin is usually pretty clear except when I get a single pimple. When I get acne, it is only one single pimple but it is huge and red. I feel like people are just staring at the pimple when they talk to me. Sometimes when I exercise I get pimples as well. Since my skin gets sweaty it blogs the pores and causes the single large pimples.

I like to keep up a daily skin care routine. I usually do three different steps and washes. I am very lucky since I have a good deal of washes and lotions to choose from every day. First I do a daily easy clean with a name brand wash. Then I use the Clearasil Daily Wash. I really love this product because it is light and it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. Also I love the smell of it. If I feel like my skin is oily or spotty I will use a deep cleanser. I don’t care for the Deep Cleanser from Clearasil that much because it doesn’t leave my skin that clear and feeling fresh as another name brand. My last step I use a single spot lotion or just daily lotion for my face. This is my daily skin care that I try to do every night.

What products do you enjoy using? Tell me in the comments below.


  1. It is important for teens to have a good skin care routine. Appearance is so important to them and these products will help them with self esteem and self confidence.

  2. I totally used Clearsil when I was a teen! Ahhhh memories!

  3. I’ve used this stuff for years! I have never really tried anything else for acne.

  4. My daughter has been using the Clearasil pads. She really likes them.

  5. Clearasil is one of those products that actually work, a must buy!

  6. Clearasil is one of my go-to products when I have an acne breakout. It really works.

  7. Clearasil has come a long way. I remember using the white blemish cream as a kid. I need these products as an adult!

  8. Clearasil is pretty much the iconic product for teen skin!

  9. I have a teen granddaughter. This might be good for her.

  10. The Clearasil product line has been around for a long time! I used it as a teen and now my preteen is starting too! I think Santa should put some in her stocking this year!

  11. Finding the right cleaning answer for your skin is so hard. Everyone is different – so glad she found something that works for her. Sharing your post with a friend that her son is developing difficult skin issues.

  12. Clearasil is amazing isn’t it? My step son uses it and it works wonders!

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