Ten Activities to do with a Sick Child at Home

This post about activities to do with a Sick child  is sponsored by Smiley360.com and Mucinex. While I was provided promotional material to facilitate this review, all the opinions are 100% my own.
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This is a pathetic face isn’t it? This is my middle and he must be feeling awful if he is acting like this!! So as a parent for can we do to occupy a sick kid while we may be trying to get some work done at home too. Granted if they are at their sickest point they just want to sleep but we all have those days where they are feeling a lot better but can’t go to school.

  • Games and puzzles. Keep them pretty easy as they may have limited patience
  • Movie or tv Show– Limit this time but it is a good chance for them to take a nap too. My son used to fall asleep to the cooking channel!
  • Crafts. Again keep it simple as they may not want to build that model airplane they have had in the closet.
  • Pretend play. younger children may enjoy this.
  • Drawing Have a stash of new crayons or makers just for sick days.
  • Coloring books, sticker books, and activity books.
  • Write a letter  If they are feeling better have them write to a long distance relative or friend.
  • Books. They probably wont want to read on their own, but on their getting better days make sure they rest for a few minutes with this quiet activity.
  • Photos.Really how often do you do this with your kids, great idea to look back at baby or vacation pictures.
  • Audio books. head to the library for free ones.
  • Bake together Only if they are not contagious let them get involved in making a  recipe everyone will love
  • Video chats. Use your computer or smart phone to call up a grandparent or other relative using Skype or another service

5 Tips for Parents at Home With A Sick Child

The last thing you needed today was a sick kid that keeps you from working or accomplishing those errands. Here are some tips for us parents too.

  1. Change it up. Children get tired of activities quickly.
  2. Set up different rest stations. Don’t keep your sick children on the same couch all day — they’ll go stir-crazy. Although I make them keep the same pillow and blanket so I can wash them.
  3. Limit TV and video games. although an activity listed above try to limit the time.
  4. Be prepared. Try to keep a secret stash of coloring books, stickers, and small toys in a closet somewhere. Break them out when your children get sick. Just having something new to look at will help distract your sick kids.
  5. Set your own work aside. When they are not sleeping and need some extra love, put away the lap top (easier said than done) Cuddle up with them, this time is so precious and limited.
  6. Have proper meds and liquids on hand Have you checked your medicine cabinets for expiration dates? Have a box of saltines and Gatorade or other drinks to help your kids hydrate in the cabinet.

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What do you like to do with your kids when they are home sick?


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  1. I always keep some extra toys and activities in the closet so that I can always pull one out when I need it. Great ideas.