ALDI Grocery Store Hours in Richmond, Virginia

ALDI Grocery Store Hours in Richmond, Virginia
This post about ALDI Store hours in Richmond, Virginia is sponsored by Aldi. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Richmond, Virginia has a new grocery store as of April 24th, 2015. ALDI, the nation’s low-price grocery leader, has opened locations in Henrico (Parham Road), Colonial Heights (Dimmock Parkway) and soon in Waynesboro (Shenandoah Village). Never heard of ALDI GROCERY STORES? ALDI offers more than 1,300 of the most commonly purchased items sold under ALDI exclusive brands for prices up to 50 percent* less than traditional supermarkets, including a wide range of new, healthier options like organic produce, USDA Choice beef and the SimplyNature line of products free of artificial colors, flavors or unnecessary enhancers. In addition to these items, ALDI recently introduced its liveGfree gluten-free product line offering such foods as cake mixes to pasta and frozen pizzas. And most items are under $5. We don’t normally purchase gluten free products but this seems like a huge savings.


But don’t expect to do your shopping after the kids get off to school. As part of Aldi’s cost saving techniques they have limited hours. Aldi Store hours are 

  • Monday- Friday 9 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday  9 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday 9 am to 7 pm


I have not been to an ALDI in over 15 years, when I lived in Chicago. I was so impressed by how clean and organized this Richmond location appeared during my visit. They have a huge variety of products and since I had recently gone grocery shopping, the prices were drastically reduced from the other grocery store’s every day pricing. Best part, there is no loyalty program, the prices you see at ALDI will be the prices you see everyday. 

Well almost every day, unless you happen to grab one of the ALDI weekly specials. Each week the ALDI flyer comes out with new specials. Including the fresh meat special buy, 6 produce picks of the week (at even more savings) and the ALDI Finds products. Don’t get too attached to the ALDI Special Buys. Once these items are sold they are gone. Go early to grab one of these deals.

ALDI sells beer and wine as well,  so you can truly find everything you need from your everyday grocery to entertaining needs. From gourmet cheeses to baked goods and organic produce they carry the most common grocery items. If you are a gourmet cook that requires a lot of spices or unique ingredients, you might have to shop somewhere else for those.



1. Bring a quarter, otherwise you will be holding all your groceries. You rent a cart and then get the quarter back after your shopping. This means less overhead and no carts floating in the parking area. They have 81 parking spots by the way.


2. Bring your own Grocery bags. You will be bagging your own items and if you don’t bring bags you will pay a min. of 6 cents for a plastic bag to 1.99 for an eco-friendly bag. ALDI were eco-friendly before it became popular.


 3. Bring a list, there is so much to look at, you can easily get distracted from your purpose for shopping.


  4. Pick up next week’s deals on your way out so you can plan for next week. 


  5. ALDI stores do not accept CREDIT CARDS, but do accept Cash DEBIT Cards and EBT/Quest Cards. 

aldi-deals 6. Don’t expect to find too many name brand products. Even though they carry over 1,300 products,  ALDI has their exclusive brands, which must meet or exceed the national name brands on taste and Quality. Don’t think so, they have a double guarantee for their products, ALDI will refund your product plus replace it.
 7. Don’t forget to check the ALDI hours listed below. 

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national retail grocery stores.

Whether you are an ALDI store loyal customer or live in one of their new markets, Close to Home will be giving away one $25 gift certificate to use at any ALDI location. Enter the Rafflecopter Below.



  1. I always buy my milk at Aldis.

  2. I like buying fruit at ALDI

  3. Our areas first ALDI just opened a few weeks ago. I am interested in comparing their prices to our usual store.

  4. I hear that they have the lowest milk prices, so I hope that is the case.

  5. I’d love to find some good deals on diapers

  6. i love their meat specials

  7. It is great to find a supermarket with good prices and good quality merchandise. It turns a chore into a pleasurable experience.

  8. My favorite product is the turkey meatballs.

  9. My favorite products are the produce! They have great produce!

  10. I go right for their snacks! The Aldi version of Wheat Thins, Ritz, Cheez-Its and more! they’re the best! And half the price of the name brand!

  11. I’ve heard their Gluten Free line is very good, but I would totally stock up on European cookies. Nom nom nom.

  12. I am a big ALDI fan! Although I grew up in Richmond, so I didn’t know about ALDI until I moved to Tennessee. I do most of my shopping there. I love their gluten-free brownie mix, which I made for my sister’s bridal shower since she eats GF. I also love how cheap I can find cheese and butter.

  13. I love that they have all the essentials, like milk, cheese, olive oil, etc. I also like they’re treats, like chocolate!

  14. I love their produce! inexpensive and good quality

  15. Aldi has the best canned green beans ever made.

  16. I wish Aldi had organic berries.

  17. I am an Aldi shopper & i love their gluten free pancakes & protein bars

  18. I wish I had one in my area. Their prices are SO awesome for basic staples!

  19. I hope to find great deals on yogurt and cereal

  20. I love their produce – the prices are amazing!

  21. i am a regular shopper, I love their low prices!

  22. I always buy my fruit and vegtables at aldis there prices and quality is great.

  23. I love buying their bananas. They always cheap!

  24. I shopped at Aldi as a college student. I see that it looks more modern than back then. I may have to visit again.

  25. My favorite product at Aldi’s is their pancake and sausage frozen breakfasts.

  26. It looks like you can find anything you could possibly need there!

  27. Aldi has a great food selection at great prices. One of my favorites at Aldi, is the great wine selection they offer at very good prices.

  28. I go occasionally. They have great prices on fresh fruit and vegetables.

  29. I’m always curious about our Aldi store. I will happen in soon, and I will remember to bring my grocery bags! 🙂

  30. I am a regular shopper at Aldi and my favorite item to buy there is produce! It’s all local and so affordable!

  31. I hope this store works out for families and is infact a lot cheaper . You did a great job presenting this information to us. I’m not familiar with ALDI , but its always great to learn new things

  32. We just had an Aldi’s open us by us not too long ago I would like to check out the snacks and cereal.

  33. I love shopping at Aldi. I love not having to wait for a sale to get great prices on groceries. The Moser Chocolates are one of my favorite items. When I go I also like to stock up on spices & seasoning, meat and dairy products.

  34. We don’t have an Aldi near us. I hear only good things about them.

  35. I love Aldi, I am a new shopper there. I find that they are the perfect place to shop when you have kids, they have a nice selection of snacks!

  36. LOL I see people filling up their bags as they shop, no carts.

  37. I wish we had a Aldi near me. They sound like such great stores!

  38. Too bad we don’t have an Aldi near us. It sounds like a great store!

  39. I should really go to this store more often. They have an awesome setup.

  40. We actually have an Aldi very close to us- I have been a couple of times. Great deals!

  41. Not going to lie, the wine selection sparked my interest. LOL I don’t have that store near by.

  42. I have never shopped at an Aldi but have heard about it a lot. Looks like an interesting place to shop!

  43. I have never shopped at Aldi’s. Not sure why! But I need to get myself there and check it out!

  44. There is an Aldis in my state…some far in between though. Its great they have so many good deals!

  45. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been to an Aldi store, but I hear really good things lately. I need to make a special trip there when I really have time to look around.

  46. My favorite product at ALDI is the pecan twirls.

  47. We don’t have an Aldi nearby. I’m curious to see what they’re like.

  48. We love shopping at Aldi. So many great products and their brands are just as good as any name brand.

  49. I love their variety of cheeses.

  50. I have a Aldi right up the street from me, but I never go there because I always forget a quarter to “rent” the shopping cart.

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