Alternative Energy–Guest Post

My family has been using Baker Electric since I was a kid and the service has always been top-notch. Recently, as the price of solar panel installation came down, we decided that going solar was the right thing to do, and we are so glad that we did. First off, our energy bills have been noticeably slashed and, secondly, it feels very good knowing that instead of burning up natural resources we are using the Sun to provide converted energy into our home. There are so many reasons we should try solar powered electricity.

I think of my kids growing up and how there will be less pollution in our neighborhood because we are doing this, and when I see my neighbors using Baker to install their solar panels I know that the good we are doing today will have a lasting effect. 

Beyond this, I was so happy with the Baker team doing the work on my home. As I said, we have a long history with them and in in the ten years that my wife and I have been homeowners we have always been happy with their service. 

They show up on time and they always clean up after themselves, which is a huge deal because when I’m paying someone to provide a service I don’t want to be left sweeping up sawdust or picking up scraps of material because they do not realize that part of their job is to make it look like they were never there outside of the improvements I am paying them for.

This was a guest post for LInk-vehicle.

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