Back to Basics: Back to School Shopping Must Haves

Thanks to Hanes for sponsoring this Back to Basics: Back to School Shopping Must Haves post and Giveaway. 

When do your kids go back to school? I can’t believe how many posts I have seen on Facebook of kids first day of school already. My kids don’t go back until late August so we still have several weeks to do our back to school shopping. Thanks to Hanes for reminding us about some of the back to school shopping must haves we all should have on our list. We are talking back to basics like new underwear and socks. 

Back to Basics: Back to School Shopping

Kids are constantly growing and if there is one thing I forget to replace it is underwear and socks. If the kids don’t complain that their underwear is creeping up or their socks holes in them, I just ignore it. Let’s face it, it’s obvious when the kids come out of their room in floods or too tight of shirts but I don’t ever check their undergarments. (They are ages 11 to 15 so that is realistic)

These Back to School Must haves from Hanes include fabric technologies to keep kids cool and fresh all day!

Back to Basics: Back to School Shopping

Hanes has some amazing products out there that will keep your kids cool and comfortable all school year. Not to mention hip looking as well. Boys will be styling in Hanes X-Temp Raglan Henley Short Sleeve T-shirts in mutliple colors.

Smelly socks no more with the advance odor protection technology of the Hanes ComfortBlend Boys Ankle Socks. 

My teenage daughter loves her socks. Check out the awesome colors of the Hanes Cool Comfort Sport Women’s No show Socks. I might have to steal these from her.

Back to Basics- Back to School Shopping 2

So when you are making your lists of school supplies this summer, don’t forget to add the basics from Hanes. While you are at it, make the kids clean out those underwear and sock drawers. I am certain there are several missing socks and underwear from several years ago still lurking back behind the ones they wear weekly. 

Back to Basics- Back to School Shopping 2

Giveaway Time!!

Back to School Shopping

Hanes is giving away a Hanes Back-to-School Comfort kit to one of my readers. Let’s hear the excitement people! 

One lucky reader will receive:

  • $50 Hanes Visa Gift Card
  • 3 Back-to-School Styles form Hanes (based on age and gender of the winner)  Styles will include selections with Hanes X-Temp and FreshIQ technologies. 



Back to School Shopping

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  1. A good backpack for my granddaughter is on the list but I always buy hers after school has started as they go on clearance many places.

  2. A nice backpack, winter clothes, supplies.

  3. My husband and son are both in college and classes start next week. My son needs a new pair of shoes for sure and my husband needs some new clothes period. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Sturdy shoes that are comfy and won’t slip. My three boys are very active!

  5. Supplies and clothing. I have not bought a single thing yet this year. Money is super tight. I am totally overwhelmed by it all.


  7. Paper! I’m always running out

  8. I would say backpack and lunchbox.

  9. I would say a must have is a backpack!

  10. I always buy extra tissue boxes to donate to the school

  11. Nice new, clean shoes – always on the list!

  12. Definitely socks, lots of socks!

  13. besides the school supply basics, we need new socks and shoes

  14. Socks for my son, new shorts and jeans for my daughter.

  15. It would be clothes, shoes, backpack, school supplies

  16. Plain white undershirts for underneath my son’s uniform polo!

  17. Need some new school clothes/ shoes.

  18. Backpacks and lunchboxes are must haves for us.

  19. New shoes and lots of pens and paper.

  20. All the basics–underwear, socks, t shirts, jeans, sweatshirts!

    And a new backpack.

  21. Clothes and socks

  22. Backpacks, Pencils and Shoes are on my back to school must have list.

  23. Tylenol for me. The kids always bring bugs home from school and they get me.

  24. New socks and undies, of course. Then school supplies and some new fancy shoes!

  25. We always need notebooks, folders, pens, and pencils.

  26. I would have to say new socks, underwear and a new book bag is a must!

  27. Comfortable clothing is on on the top of our list.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. My daughter is in college but she still has to have notebooks, binders, paper, pens & pencils. I really like Hanes undies but have such s hard time finding the ones I wear.

  29. My daughter is an adult now but when she was in school she needed a sturdy backpack.

  30. Notebooks and socks.

  31. Socks and pants!

  32. A couple items on my list are socks, jeans, and a pair of tights.

  33. I always have new shoes, socks and underwear on my back to school shopping list.

  34. A very well insulated cute lunch box for my daughter!

  35. I don’t have a back to school list. I do not have children and I’ve been out of school for many years now.

  36. Notebooks are always valuable to have!

  37. New shoes, socks and a coat.

  38. New socks, notebooks, pens, and folders.

  39. good mechanical pencils are the best thing

  40. Backpacks and socks.

  41. Undies and socks are first on my list! Sometimes I wish they were disposable!

  42. New shoes, and jeans would be top of the list.

  43. definitely new underwear, socks, sneakers and pants for both my kids

  44. We need leggings, t’s, dresses and of course, underwear and socks.

  45. We have to get backpacks.

  46. New socks would rule…

  47. New clothes and shoes! My daughter has seriously grown two sizes this summer! I hope the stuff we buy for the fall lasts all year but I’m not too optimistic!

  48. New clothes is on my back to school list

  49. New clothes are on our list for back to school.

  50. New running shoes and back pack.

  51. My Sons back to school list is typical, pens, composition books etc. Alto this year he has a Nike backpack on the list. Oyyy, hes growing up!

  52. My son needs new clothes, especially pants

  53. My back to school must have is a new backpack.

  54. New shoes are at the top of the list.

  55. One thing my daughter needs for school is a good calculator.

  56. New clothes and new school supplies are a must have.

  57. My kids and I are all heading back to school. I’m starting nursing school so scrubs and white socks are on my list. White is required and I only have fun colored socks. LOL! My kids both need bookbags and the usual paper/pencil stuff.

  58. Summer shorts

  59. On our list is supplies and new clothing!

  60. My daughter needs a new backpack.

  61. New backpacks for my kids.

  62. New shoes, markers and gel pens!

  63. Converse, Earrings and the coolest ankle socks for my girl!

  64. A new backpack is a must have to start school.

  65. In addition to the usual school supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils, and backpacks we will be looking for comfortable clothes and shoes.

  66. paper crayons and pencils ive got 1st & 2nd grade kids

  67. We have to get all new socks to go with my daughters uniform list. We still have to get her uniform pants as well.

  68. New pencils and backpacks for sure!

  69. New pants and underwear are what my son needs the most for going back to school.

  70. On our list is a new backpack, folders, pens and pencils and clothes.

  71. On my back to school must have list is new shoes and of course paper and pencils!

  72. My son needs about every article of clothing and shoes that are out there. He has shot up like a weed over the summer and his clothes no longer fit!

  73. Socks, underwear and new sneakers are on my list 🙂

  74. School clothes, supplies, backpack, new socks, boxers, and shoes!

  75. Got my son 2 new pairs of shoes

  76. We actually just purchased new Hanes underwear for one! Printer ink is another back to school need.

  77. My niece needs new shoes, new socks, and a haircut.

  78. Oh, the list is long with items like socks, shoes, t-shirts, undies and more…

  79. The grand kids still need back packs and shoes.
    thank you

  80. Too much. My oldest is going to 7th grade and needs new football equipment besides all the school supplies.

  81. A graphing calculator is needed on my son’s list, and unfortunately, those don’t come cheap!

  82. My niece still needs a backpack and shoes.

  83. New sneakers are on my list.

  84. Socks, jeans and underwear are on the list.

  85. Jeans, shoes and under clothes a top on the list.

  86. A good lunchbox with nice new reusable containers!

  87. My son needs socks and gym clothes for school this year.

  88. New shoes are a must for back to school and backpack.

  89. Shoes for the whole family. Hopefully they will last the year, we can only hope.

  90. School supplies and school clothes.

  91. New shoes.

  92. Gotta get a new backpack.

  93. Socks and a good back pack are a must have.

  94. Sox and underwear are always on every list. Also good lunch boxes/bags with ice packs.

  95. A backpack and shoes are on our list.

  96. Socks and underwear for my niece & nephew.

  97. clothes, backpacks, pens, glue etc.

  98. Clothing and shoes are on my back to school list this year.

  99. Too many things, clothing, shoes, backpacks, folders and the list goes on.

  100. Our list includes, binders, notebooks, backpacks, socks and sneakers.

  101. socks, shoes and new clothes are always on the list

  102. Always need new underwear and socks! Never ending!

  103. On the back to school list are notebooks, socks and underwear

  104. My back to school list includes, underwear and socks, backpack, pants tops just about everything!

  105. We have to buy notebooks.

  106. On our back to school must have list is new socks and shoes!

  107. My daughter is starting 1st grade this year so we dont have a big big list but still some of it is expensive. A good pair of shoes and good backpack is a must on our list

  108. On my list is a backpack, shoes, clothes, many other things

  109. Gotta have the right shoes! Thanks!

  110. My list includes a new laptop, backpack, #2 pencils and folders.

  111. New socks are on the list, undershirts, too!

  112. Socks and shoes are on top of our lists!

  113. We need just about everything a kid could need for bts. My son is 13 and growing like crazy.

  114. Underwear and socks is at the top of the list.