Back to My Roots The Reason I Started Blogging

When I started thinking about starting a blog and composing some notes, I began to look more closely at where I may have gotten the knack for entertaining and “homemaking” if you may. Please, I am no Martha Stewart, as I do not iron and am not a perfectionist. Wanted to share this article: Back to My Roots The Reason I Started Blogging so you know where I am got my inspiration to start blogging. 

I think of my grandmother who was always entertaining at home, simply but inviting whoever she knew was alone for a holiday or meal. She was the sister of 6 and caretaker of her father, husband and two daughters as well. Although she lived in a 6 flat in Chicago you could always expect several tomato plants and basil growing on her back porch. One year I think I remember her growing celery. Not to mention a concrete back yard that had a canopy of grapes. She was the first person to show me how to sew when I was in middle school-a pair of floral shorts with pockets!
You can tell I miss her but I want everyone to be able to find some comfort close to their home and hearts and carry on traditions both old and new.
I am often on the phone with a friend or family member discussing a dinner party menu or birthday party ideas. I have 3 children and after being a stay at home mom I was also looking for an outlet. After tutoring some, but my passion for my blog and blogging has become a great creative release for me. 

I am hoping to make a blog to express some of these things and share with others. Staying close to home means a lot of different things but mainly that your home is where you plant your roots. 

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