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There are a lot of Tween magazines out there and my daughter has been begging me to get her one. Unfortunately most of them are celebrity based and Girls really should not get so wrapped up in the unrealistic events of that group. I am not a Celeb magazine subscriber myself so I guess I am projecting my views on my daughter but too much emphasis and pressure is being placed on girl’s beauty and “romantic relationships”

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I never thougth I would see my daughter in tears however, when I showed her our free copy of BYOU, ‘Be your Own You!’ magazine.  I is the premier provider of positive self-esteem messaging for tween girls and their mission is to empower this awkward age group to become a positive force in tomorrow’s world. SOunds pretty good from a parental view. In my un tween mind,  this magazine has a good balance of both entertainment and education teaching these girls self-esteem in a way that will hopefully be life-sustaining.

This magazine does use celebrity role-models but they are contributing to society in positive ways and not discussing their relationships or selling their latest product.

I think what created the disappointment in my daughter was the main focus of the issue was about Bullying and I think she thought I was giving her a magazine strictly about this. She exclaimed she was not being bullied and this was not the magazine for her. 

I did later find her quietly going through the magazine and reading some of the articles. The day I wrote this review she actually brought it into school as they were talking about Upstanders and there happened to be an article in this month’s issue. I get that she wants beauty tips, I did when I was her age but hopefully we can do some self-esteem boosting too!

They are also looking for Role-Models that are not Celebrities. Check out their Role Model Search Page and see if they are coming to a town near you and nominate your daughter or upstanding TWEEN.

One lucky CLOSE TO HOME reader will be able to win a complimentary one-year subscription to BYOU MAGAZINE (Regularly priced at 17.97 a year)  

BYOU “Be Your Own You” Magazine, published by Heartlight Girls Publications, LLC, is for girls ages 7-15 and helps build self-esteem in fun and empowering ways with features on positive celebrity role models, stories about real girls making a difference, tips, advice, games, crafts, contests, jokes, and much more!

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