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It might be Spring but germs are rapid just the same. I am not a germaphob but I tutor and teach classes so I need to clean my hands after leaving the school. As a mom I can not afford to get sick. I recently was given the opportunity to test safeHands, An alcohol free, non-toxic sanitizer. Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer that you can feel good about having your kids use. 

Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

I know another sanitizer product out there. What is hand sanitizer and how does hand sanitizer work? Well I am excited to share with you how safeHands is different. SafeHands has two different product lines on the market, safeHands Classic line and safeSquirts the children’s line. Look at the fun colors they come in!

SafeHands Sanitizers come in amazing scents foaming scents such as clean linen, cucumber mint, and Fragrance free in the Classic line and for the kids or those who want some fun scents on their hands: bubble gum, cool blue and tooty fruity. The scents are really not that powerful or lingering so no worries if you are left with only bubblegum in your purse!

Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer
You can’t really tell but this came out a little pink on my hands. It was the bubble gum scent.

Something unique to this product is the additional moisturizing agent added which helps the hands from drying out. With the temperatures fluctuating so much this time of year, my skin does not need more alcohol to dry them out. So having a hand sanitizer that kills germs and potentially any virus but does not harm the skin is a big plus.

This product was developed by a former dentist in attempts to stare them away from the alcohol based products that have filled the shelves and school classrooms. He  replaced alcohol entirely with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) to create a hand sanitizer that is tough on germs and SAFE on skin.

To find out more about this new product (August 2012) visit You can find other products such as different size foaming hand sanitizer and wipes. At under $3 for the travel size this is a great deal especially since it won’t try out those hands further.
Sanitizer Prices: 

1.75 oz – $2.50
7 oz – $3.95
18 oz – $8.95


  • alcohol-free
  • bold, colorful scents
  • foaming sanitizer
  • safe around children
  • planet friendly 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Moisturize
  • Convenient for Travel
  • Kills more than 99.99% of germs

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I was provided product to review. I was not given any further compensation and all the opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. I really like this product, especially alcohol free. Thanks for sharing info/review with us!

  2. I love safeHands! My kids use them all the time!

  3. Alcohol free hand sanitizer? I’m in!!!

  4. My kids are going to love these! Fun colors, scents, AND foamy? I’m glad they are priced reasonably because I have a feeling I will be buying a lot of them.

  5. I LOVE that these are free of alcohol and safe for kids! I didn’t even know these existed!

  6. I love this line! They work great, leave my hands soft and not dried out!

  7. I love that these hard alcohol free! My hands dry out so badly with alcohol sanitizer! and the added moisturizing feature is a big bonus too!

  8. I love this product. I keep a bottle in both of our cars and 1 in my purse..

  9. I like that it has a moisturizer; so many hand sanitizers make your hands too dry!

  10. I’m…concerned. It says that it doesn’t contain alcohol, cool, but it doesn’t say HOW it kills germs. Is it tetracyclene based? What’s the active ingredient?

  11. replaced alcohol entirely with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) to create a hand sanitizer that is tough on germs and SAFE on skin.