The Best Cat Litter For Pet Parents

The Best Cat Litter For Pet Parents

This is a sponsored post written about The Best Cat Litter For Pet Parents by me on behalf of Triad. All opinions are 100% mine.


We love our cats, there is no doubt about that but let’s get real, who likes emptying out the litter box. I have tried different cat litter solutions in the past but there is no way around it, unless you train your cat to use the toilet. My cat makes a huge mess in her litter box, I thought they were supposed to be a clean animal? Lucky for us, Walmart’s online one-stop pet shop, the Purina® pet park, has added even more product options for your cat’s litter. best-cat-litter

First there is Tidy Cats® Lightweight Litter Instant Action™ for immediate odor control and quick pick-ups. Your kitty’s litter clumps up quickly, trapping in moisture and odors, and allowing for one quick scoop removal. So, your house and cat will smell fresh and clean for any #kittyoccasions.



Isn’t it nice to know that if you skip a few days of cleaning out the litter box, GUILTY AS CHARGED, you are covered with the extra long-lasting odor control with Tidy Cats® Occasional Cleaning®. I am not sure if that makes me more excited about the best cat litter for humans or does the idea that my litter will actually clump. So let’s celebrate these new products and share our Kitty occasions on Instagram for a chance to have you and your cat featured on the Purina Pet Park website online at Walmart.

That is right, you can compete with the fame of Grumpy Cat by simply submitting a photo [via Instagram of your cat with the hashtag #KittyOccasions.


Don’t be shy you know you probably already have several pics on your Instagram acccount that you can reuse for the contest. Cute pets are one of the top photos these days.

After you take your cat Selfie, jump onto and buy the best cat litter for pet parents and celebrate your #KittyOccasion.



  1. What a stunning cat! This is probably the litter we should have used when we had two cats.

  2. KItty litter really is an important part of cat care.

  3. I totally have cat photos to share! Do they have to look grumpy?

  4. I bought the regular weight and it’s terrific too. Will try this one next time I’m in the store.

  5. We love Tidy Cats, it is really great, especially when you have multiple cats like our family does.

  6. What a cute kitty. I used to use this brand when my cat was alive. It worked wonderfully and definitely controlled odors.

  7. I used to have two cats and we used this litter. It’s truly the best! It clumps and scoops easily.

  8. We’ve always had dogs, and I’m allergic to cats, but your cat is adorable!

  9. This is a really great idea. I can say from personal experience that lifting 40 pound bags of litter all the time gets OLD.

  10. We have used Tidy Cats for our cats for twelve years. It’s the best!

  11. A cat selfie (hee-hee) That is such a cute contest! I’m going to share it with my cat-owner friends. My best friend uses Tidy Cats and has for year. She swears by it! 🙂

  12. we have one kitty right now. and she does need new litter. our second kitty went missing last week. 🙁

  13. I will definitely have to give this a try with our cat!

  14. I am allergic to cats, so Ican’t have any. I wish I could, though….they are so cute.

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