Best Family Ski Vacation At Copper Mountain

Are you considering a family ski vacation? There are a lot of choices out there and finding the best family spot is critical to a successful and affordable vacation. This December our family went out to Copper Mountain In Summit County Colorado for four nights.

Copper Mountain provided us a small discount but the experience and choice to go to this ski resort was a recommendation from Denver friends. I am thrilled to share our experience and for you to put Copper Mountain on your ski vacation radar. Traveling with Kids? Here are our Top Tips For Surviving Family Vacationscopper mountain family ski vacation

Best Family Ski Vacation At Copper Mountain

Where is Copper Mountain Located?

Copper Mountain is located about 75 miles from Denver and travel time to the mountain depends on traffic and weather. Our first rookie mistake was taking the only direct from RVA to Denver which originally had us land at 6 pm.

Due to delays all around we did not get to our room until midnight Mountain time. (2 am for us)  I would recommend coming in early and taking a leisure drive in the daylight. (You can’t control weather but take your chances)

copper mountain family ski vacation

Where to Stay at Copper Mountain

There are no hotels at Copper Mountain. All the units are independently owned and rented thru different agencies. There are A LOT of perks when booking directly with Copper Mountain I will list in a few. When picking your accommodations, the peaks on the website are ratings and the higher the rating the more $$, owners get rated on recent renovations etc.


ccopper mountain family ski vacationopper mountain family ski vacation

We stayed in a two bedroom condo in Passage Point, which is located in Central Village. The mountain is split into three areas, West, Central and East Villages, and the ski runs are broken up the same which helps keep expert and beginners out of each others way. Unlike some ski resorts where the greens are mixed throughout, someone like myself can get lost easily.

copper mountain family ski vacation

Is there a Ski School at Copper Mountain?

The West Village is the place for beginners as a ski school is located here as well as the beginner runs. There is a free shuttle service that takes you to different villages.

The vacation specialists are very helpful and once you book your lodging, you can call or email that specific salesperson to help you get the best prices on lift tickets, lessons etc. It is sort of like your own personal concierge. For more detailed information check out their Copper Mountain 101 information.

One thing we realized after only a few hours on the mountain and talking with veteran ski instructors and staff, this is a no-fluff ski mountain. People are here to ski, not to be seen. Go farther west if that is your goal.

The staff is very attentive but you will be carrying your own equipment and storing them in lockers on your own. No pretentious ski outfits either. I never saw so many football jerseys on a slope, it is casual here and the main goal is getting good skiing. We did not experience long lines at the lifts and the terrain was exceptional.

copper mountain family ski vacation

Four out of five of us went to ski school.  The only option is all day, 9:30 to 3 for kids and 10-3 for adults. Of course, privates are always an option as well.


Lodging: 3rd night of lodging FREE – up to 33% off lodging stays of 3 nights or more.

  • If staying more five days or more, you get housekeeping midway thru your stay
  • Basic amenities available in the condo such as shampoo, soaps and cleaning supplies, you can contact housekeeping if other needs arise
  • Basic amenities available in condo such as shampoo, soaps and cleaning supplies, you can contact housekeeping if other needs arise
  • Personalized service and  assistance with booking your package needs
  • Check in center open 24 hours for late or early arrivals

Choose additional discounted package products…
Lift Tickets:
* Kids 12 & younger ski FREE (Adult 2 day ticket required)
FREE Secret! Pass upgrade – early access / skip lines. (Sort of like a fast pass at Disney, this was so nice at busy lifts)
* Tubing: Purchase two or more sessions and save 33%
* Rentals: 3rd day of Rentals FREE
* Group Lessons: 3rd day of Youth or Adult Group Lessons FREE
* Ride with Woodward Snowboard and Ride with Woodward Ski lessons

Discounted prices on other activities such as tubing.

*An Adult 2 day lift tickets is required to qualify for this package and is automatically added to your cart.
*Hotel Style Room to 2 Bedroom condos receive 33% discount
*Larger units receive a 25% Discount.
*Offer may not be combined or packaged with any other promotion or discount
*Other restrictions may apply
*Longer length of stay be required over certain dates

** this was an offer available when we booked, check the website for current Copper Mountain lodging deals

Best Family Ski Vacation At Copper Mountain

copper mountain family ski vacation

On a side note and hopefully something you will never have to experience, but Copper Mountain has an amazing Ski Patrol and ambassador program. I got hurt on a run and felt I could not get down due to instability in my knee.

After a few minutes waiting on the run, two volunteer ambassadors took over, secured my location and called in the incident. Shortly after, although they were backlogged, I was greeted by ski patrol who quickly assessed the situation then loaded me in a sled down the mountain.

Not my proudest moment but he stayed with me until I was given a room in the Copper mountain Clinic where I was surrounded by efficient and professional medical personnel. I have a torn MCL and will follow up with an ortho when I get home.

copper mountain family ski vacation

Indoor Activities at Copper Mountain Ski Resort

If the kids are not tired enough after a long day of skiing, take them to Woodward for some indoor extreme sports training, or just some trampoline entertaining. My kids had an hour of “coaching” and then they were allowed to use the trampolines on their own.


Before heading out on your family ski trip, Check out our post How To Pack A Suitcase for Family Ski Vacationsor be sure to download our Ski Trip Packing + Printable Download so the kids can help out too.

ski trip packing list

So now have I convinced you to check out Copper Mountain for your next Family Ski Vacation?


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  1. Oooo I’ve been to copper mountain with my family before. Had a great time!!! Then again I love anything to do with skiing!

  2. Sorry nothing short of the apocalypse could ever convince me to try skiing again!! Yes, I tried it once–on a kids beginner slope–and although I did not fall down I kept my eyes shut the entire time and almost rammed into the wall at the bottom!! I like terra FIRMA under my feet!! It does sound like a perfect vacation spot for families –I like the idea of renting condos–now if they had a common room with a fireplace—-

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and there are so many offers. Loved it!!

  4. I’ve never been skiing in my life. This looks like a lot of fun! Is it hard to learn?

  5. I’ve never been on a ski vacation before but I would love to go one day. So I will definitely keep this place in mind?

  6. Looks like an amazing place to have a vacation! WE love to ski! Hopefully next year!

  7. We’re going to have to check it out. We’ve spent the last few winters in Bend, Oregon. But we were looking into Colorado for next year. Thanks for the tips.

  8. That sounds like a great winter escape. The trampolines look like something I would enjoy!

  9. That sounds like a great winter escape. The trampolines look like something I would enjoy!