Top Tips For Surviving Family Vacations

Thinking about taking one last family trip for Labor Day? Traveling with Kids? Here are our Top Tips For Surviving Family Vacations Whether all-inclusive is your thing, or you like to play it by ear on holiday, it’s difficult knowing exactly what to pack for your family holiday even when your food and drink is already covered.

Follow this list of necessities for traveling with your young ones then you should have happy children. And that means a happy holiday! Have you got your notepad at the ready? Here are some of the top tips for traveling with Kids. Traveling during the summer?

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Top Tips For Traveling With Kids

Finding Family Vacation Spots where there are Activities Galore

It’s amazing how quickly the initial excitement of boarding your mode of transport can become boring for kids, so be prepared with endless activities and games is a must – and this doesn’t necessarily mean packing your hand luggage full of toys and games. “Eye-spy”, “We all went shopping”, “name that tune”, and license plate games are great for long journeys or those hours where you need to avoid the hot beating rays. I

f in doubt, how about making a colorful scavenger hunt list for the kids to play as they go, fill it with things they should see on their travels and they’ll be so excited at the challenge of checking all the boxes. Simple things are sometimes the best! Consider a Disney Cruise or a ski vacation if you like to be on the go. Maybe you prefer visiting a national park? 


Medical Marvel

You’ve watched them like a hawk as they play under the bright rays, topping up their suntan lotion layer with an impressive level of dedication, and yet there still seems to be a patch or two of sunburn. Ouch! So don’t forget to pack the post-sun treatment, as well as the obvious stuff for during the day. Think; after-sun lotions and sprays, children’s pain relief medicine, and aloe vera or calamine lotion. This way, you’ll be able to minimize any tears or pain for both you and the kids. Hopefully, you won’t need to bring these out of the suitcase, but this definitely is a case of ‘better safe than sorry’.

Tidy Tikes

Traveling parent? Baby wipes should be your new best friend – that’s if they aren’t already! From sticky fingers to spillages and stains, they’ve got your back. So keep a packet of baby wipes and a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag while you’re on the go, and you’ll be ready for everything they throw at you. Messy holiday, be gone.

Peaceful Passengers when traveling with kids

Every parent dreads the thought that they might be that noisy family on the plane, so keeping the kids plugged into a music player, movie or one of their favorite TV shows is a great way to keep them busy, and the time should fly by. Make playlists or download their shows and films ahead of your journey, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about when the 4G disappears as you soar into the sky. Just be sure to monitor the volume on the child’s device. Nothing worse than hearing a blaring Dora Video when you are trying to rest.

Now all that’s left is for you to embrace the peace and quiet. Happy holidays!

Images by Kiran Foster and S B used under Creative Commons license.

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