Why Star Wars Fans Need to Visit Disney World

Calling all Star Wars Fans, we have a place to add to your bucket list! My husband is not a Disney Fan, I took him for the first time at age 35. He never watched the Star Wars Movies I went to double features when the original movies were rereleased in the 90’s with my mom.

It is a miracle we are still married after 17 years. With these differences, we have not planned any Disney Family vacations that were not involving grandparents and kids. As a participant of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I was able to discover a whole new element of Disney World beyond Mickey and Minnie. My son and I discovered why Star Wars Fans have new reason to Visit Disney World.

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios

Why Star Wars Fans Need to Visit Disney World

My mom and youngest son were able to join me for this multi-generational conference experience. It was my mom that initiated my love for both Disney and Star Wars and so thrilled that even at age 75 she was able to see the Star Wars aspects of Disney World through a 10-year-old boy too.

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Show

Outside of the Star Wars Simulator ride and how to be a Jedi Experience, Hollywood Studios now has a Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Show on select evenings. This is not just a fireworks show coordinated with Star Wars music, this a true showcase of the Star Wars Movies portrayed against the buildings. See Death Star below!

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios

Here is a brief clip of the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular to watch to get you excited about your next visit to Hollywood Studios.

Get dinner before the show:

Before the show, be sure to check out the remodeled Pizze Rizzo. This recently remodeled pizza shop is great and inexpensive place to pick up lunch or dinner with your Star Wars Fans.

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios

We had a galactic dessert party through #DisneySMMC experience and then went into Star Wars Launch Zone.

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios
Star Wars Museum

There is a Star Wars Museum where any Star Wars Geek could spend an entire day. You will have meet and greets with Star Wars characters. If you get a chance to see the Storm Troopers walking around Hollywood Studios, they are a hoot.

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios

What else will you find here for Star Wars Fans?

Star Wars Props from Movies

Here you will find tons of glass cases of Star Wars paraphernalia that had my son in awe!

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios

What a great selection of props to bring you inside your favorite Star Wars Movies.


Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios


Star Wars Character Encounters at Disney World

One of our highlights was the photo op with Chewbacca, one of my favorite Star Wars characters. Wow was this guy tall and made all the scary sounds.

Star wars Fans Hollywood Studios

No matter what type of Star Wars Geek you consider yourself, a trip to Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios should be on your wish list. Pin this on your Travel board to remember to visit next time you are at Disney World.

Why Star Wars Fans Need to Visit Disney World

Have you seen the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular yet? What was your favorite part?

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  1. Absolutely love Star Wars so I know this would be so much fun! Can’t wait to go to Disney again!

  2. My boys (5 & 9) would absolutely LOVE this! They are huge Star Wars fans. I’d love to take them!

  3. Great post! You guys looks like you had a blast at Disney World. I’m not so much of a Star Wars fan but I know my daughter is. She has watched the latest Star Wars Galatic movie and loves it.

  4. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan (runs for cover) but I have heard of the new additions to the park. I’d still like to check them out. In my defense, I do enjoy the movies, I’m just not the first one at the theater.

  5. Something new to do at Disney World! I love all these light shows, especially this one because it has a Star Wars theme. I will let my eldest niece know about this. They will be going there in March. She must let her kids see this!

  6. My husband would absolutely LOVE this, hahaha. He is the only person in my life who was able to convince me to see the Star Wars movies. Mainly because he was just so passionate about them, I felt like I needed to!

  7. Looks like so much fun. I’m not really a Star Wars but looks like tons of fun for those who are!

  8. It looks like you all had a blast. Disney fireworks and lights are always great. Those cookies are too cute!