Best Indoor Grill for Apartment Living

My daughter will be renting an apartment next year for college and we are thankful for Hamilton Beach for providing us the Best Indoor Grill for Apartment Living.  We are sharing our own opinions and giving a Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill away. 

Grilling is one of the easiest and quickest way to prepare foods.  When you rent or own an apartment or condo, you are often left without that option.  Having an indoor grill is a great option to achieve the flavor

Hamilton beach searing grill with food window

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

  • If you are looking you are not cooking.  Having a window lets you watch food as it cooks without losing the heat.


Hamilton beach searing grill with food window

  • Get outdoor flavor… indoors – high searing temperature locks in juices & flavor


  • Removable nonstick plate for easy dishwasher cleanup  Perfect for the busy college student who probably would never clean it properly if you could not separate it. 
  • Extra-large drip tray removes for easy dishwasher cleanup

Hamilton beach searing grill with corn

Sear at 450 degrees or use adjustable temperature dial to grill at lower heat.

I had purchased so corn on the cob and love the taste of a grilled cob. Since it was raining outside, I decided to give this grill a quick try. 

This grill has an adjustable temperature control, so you know exactly what temperature you need for the type of food you are cooking

The grill will let you know when it is ready to start grilling.   No guessing when the grill reaches the correct temperature. 

There is not an off/on switch so you will need to make sure you unplug it after every use and before trying to disessemble it for clean up.


Unlike some grills, this one does not have two side of grill so 1) you have to rotate the food half way during cooking, 2) you wont be smooshing the meat with a heavy grill cover.

finished grilled corn

The corn came out with the nice grilled look without tasting charred or like igniter fluid. 

delicious grilled corn


Now it is your turn to enter to win one of these amazing Hamilton Beach Searing Indoor Grill with Window.


How to grill corn inside grill

We can not wait to hear what amazing and easy dinner my daughter will make in her apartment this Fall.  This is the perfect indoor grill for any apartment or condo. 

Grilled corn inside grill

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  1. We grill year round but this would be perfect when the weather isn’t ideal. Looks like a great appliance!

  2. This would be a wonderful gift to us as there are only 2 and we could save time and energy too.
    thanks for the great contest!

  3. I would like to win this grill because I live alone now and it is much to difficult/cost effective to start up my huge gas grill to grill just one steak or chop. I’d love to have this!

  4. It would be perfect for our winter grilling. Especially when it is too cold outside.

  5. This would be wonderful! A great contest! Thanks

  6. These indoor grills keep getting better & better. Really like the ability to view food through the window.

  7. Hamburgers sound good to grill.

  8. Looks like a great item.

  9. I would love to give this to my grandpa for Father’s Day.

  10. Cool concept

  11. I’d love to make some thick juicy burgers.

  12. I have a mom in a nursing home, a 91 year old dad to take care of plus my own family. The role of a care giver is exhausting and this grill would make my cooking life easier and faster without compromising great taste and nutritious meals. I would love to make steak and shrimp for my dad and hubbyfor Father’s Day!

  13. thanks for chance to win food is so much better grilled

  14. This would be great to use inside on rainy, snowy and cold days. I love the taste of grilled foods so I would love this grill.

  15. I want this grill because I love grilled foods and flavor but dislike having to heat up the grill and get the charcoal out so this would be great for all year round grillin

  16. The convenience of grilling indoors would be awesome when we work late hours, and the weather doesn’t cooperate.

  17. I would love this because our outdoor grilling area is not covered so this would be great for rainy days. It would also be great for a taste of summer during our snowy months.

  18. This would be great for rainy days or camping indoor adventures

  19. never saw one before.

  20. I would like this grill because sometimes in Florida it gets too hot to grill outside.

  21. I would love to win this because I am trying to eat healthier and also can not have a outside grill in the development I live in.

  22. My outdoor grill is broke I would love to give this a try.

  23. I would love to have this because it would be so convenient to grill indoors! I could enjoy delicious grilled food even when the weather makes it impossible to use the outdoor grill.

  24. I want one of these so badly!!! I love everything grilled.

  25. I want this because I really need an indoor grill and this one would be the best to have..

  26. I would like to win this indoor grill because I love grilling all year round but living in northern New Hampshire the weather isn’t always the greatest for outdoor grilling. don’t get me wrong I still grill outside whether it’s snowing or raining out but I would like to make my life a little easier and winning this grill would definitely help.


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