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My 9 year old son recently went on a play date and came home speaking nonstop about wanting a long board. For me this is a brand new concept, I grew up with skate boards. What is a longboard? Aren’t they all the same?? Apparently not, did I get a ear full.

After looking around the Internet, getting fully confused on what would be the best longboard for my son, let alone what longboard brands were reliable. Fortunately for me,  I came across Muir Skate Shop, an amazing longboard shop. They have a physical shop in San Diego as well as an Online Store that will answer any of your questions. 

If you are new to longboarding too, check out as they have online Longboad Guides that help parents through the process of selecting a longboard.

I asked the folks at Muir Skate about choosing the best longboard for beginners, like my son, and this is the advice they gave me to share with you all:

When choosing a longboard you should do the following:

1. Start by having a look at the  Longboard Guides on  They are easy to use, descriptive, and very informative.
2. You should decide on which discipline you want to do:  Cruising/Carving, Free ride, or Downhill. The Longboard Guides will help you do that.
3. Contact us for help!! We are always quick to respond to email. (they were great in building out my son’s board)

My son and I have looked around at other longboard websites and your found that has the best selection of longboards that are affordable with quality component. only selects the best brands. We found the their easy to understand  Longboard Guides were very helpful in deciding which longboard was a good fit for my son.

What I love is that the Owner/Team Manager and all the employees at are all avid longboarders with years of experience so you are not dealing with some kid at a sporting goods store who is just there for the paycheck.

My other concern was for Safety, my son has no fear, this was their response:

As for safety gear: We always suggest that the parents or riders visit a local skate shop for their safety gear. All the brands fit different. Pads and helmets should be snug to avoid injuries when riding your longboard.

Check out their box, they are definitely concerned about safety too:

This is what they built out for my son, you can tell by their response they take special care to really make the board fit the customer. It is truly an original longboard just for him. I provided his height and weight, they did the rest:)

The Longboard that will work best for your son is the Landyachtz 37″ Drop-through Drop Carve.

LongboardDeck:  Landyachtz 37″ Drop-through Drop Carve

It has a smaller standing platform for a smaller person. A smaller platform will help him put even leverage over the top of the trucks when standing on the board. The Drop-Through design makes the board easier to push because it is lower to ground.

Trucks:  Paris Trucks company 
 These are the the pieces that attach the wheels. We modified the bushings for your sons body weight. They are 81a Venom DH Barrels. They are softer for better turning,  but can still hand your sons weight making the longboard stable when riding.

Longboard Wheels:  Flashbacks  75a
We chose Flashback are a premium cruising and sliding wheel. Premium wheels go over cracks better. You son will less likely get hurt when riding over rough surfaces. The durometer of 75a is the softest that we sell. Softer wheels absorb the cracks better. 

Bearings: Bones Bearings with Khiro Bearing spacers
  Bones Bearings are a free bearing upgrade. They are quality bearings at an affordable price. The Bearing Spacer installed in the wheels protect the bearing from side-load. That is the shifting of the bearings from side to side. This helps them last longer.

Thought I would include a short video of him just hours of having this thing. I have not seen him all week!!

 What would your child think of this?

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