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The J.M. Smucker Company asked me to check out the Sundae topping selections and asked me to blog about this product. #SundaeFundae

We spent two weeks visiting family this summer and it went faster than I imagined. Part of the fun of visiting family is eating dinners together and creating fun bonding experiences. For the dinner I agreed to prepare for the cousins, I was trying to think of something fun for all the kids to engage in. The main course was a chicken dish that I was going to put the toppings on the side to satisfy all the different taste buds. Why not do the same for dessert? This is when a Sundae Bar came in mind.

smuckers toppings

My two youngest and I headed to Walmart to look for some sundae bar supplies. After scouring the aisles for supplies, I found a big display of Smucker’s® products in the frozen aisle near all the ice cream.

sundae toppings

I was impressed by how many new flavors of ice cream toppings in the Smucker’s® products section. 

In addition to the traditional hot fudge and strawberry toppings they also had a bunch of adult friendly flavors like this chocolate coconut topping as well as a salted caramel I would have loved to try. 

sundae bar

The kids grabbed their favorite ice cream toppings, don’t they look thrilled for our adventure?

kids picking toppings

I also grabbed some festive paper cups and a tray to serve the abundant of toppings. We also bought some candy the kids thought would be fun to add on top. Be sure to grab a few different flavors of ice cream as well although I stuck with chocolate and Vanilla to keep it simple.It was fun to walk around the store and talk to the kids about their favorite sundae toppings and come up with some of our favorites to share with the cousins. 

walmart supplies

It was fun to walk around the store and talk to the kids about their favorite sundae toppings and come up with some of our favorites to share with the cousins. 

What are your favorite sundae toppings?

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  1. Seems like your boys liked the shopping trip with those big grins on their faces, and that was before they got to eat anything! Setting up an ice cream bar with a variety of toppings is always a huge hit at get togethers, for all ages.

  2. A sundae bar sounds like so much fun! What a perfect treat for summer. 🙂

  3. Sundaes are so much fun! Smuckers toppings are delicious!

  4. any day is good for a sundae bar, no special occasion needed in my opinion.

  5. I love hot fudge and why not add caramel too… a turtle sundae

  6. I am a sucker for hot fudge, but caramel gets me every time. Your kids look so excited to be buying all those sundae toppings. Too cute!

  7. Oh how fun! I love things like this at family events, and I am sure the kids had a great time 🙂

  8. I love ice cream toppings. I want to try that chocolate coconut. Coconut is one of my favorites.

  9. We just shopped for Smucker’s ice cream toppings as well. I was so surprised by the assortment available now! We found that they were on both end caps of the frozen section, and a different variety in each place. So many fabulous flavors– I can’t wait to try the funfetti!

  10. I am pretty sure I need a sundae bar in my life after this post! It looks so amazing!

  11. That chocolate coconut would pair so nicely with ice cream. I bet your boys were thrilled with all of these toppings.

  12. My kids love making up their own ice cream sundaes! What a treat! And cousin time is the best time of all.

  13. Chocolate coconut topping?!! I think I have died and gone to sweet tooth heaven. Sadly I don’t think they sell that here.