Bring Spring Scents inside with Frebreze Spring

This post about Spring Scents is sponsored by SheSpeaks and Febreze. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. Wow if feels like Spring started all at once. The grass greened up, the trees are all budding with new flowers. I played my first tennis match outside and wore a tank top. There is nothing more beautiful this time of year visually and then you add the scents of spring and it takes one back to playing outside as a child.


Once the weather turned sunny and warm my boys headed to the creek in our back yard. They spend hours there and I know they will remember that time when they are older. I am so happy to see them enjoy nature instead of wanting to waste these beautiful days inside. 

Now to only bring those spring scents into the house, especially their bathroom….. What is it with these two boys that even at age 7 and 10 they can not make it into the bathroom. Half the time I need to shut their door to their bathroom so I am not intoxicated by this odor that I will not describe for your sake.


Thanks to Frebreze Spring Scents available at Walmart, I can not only mask the odor but convince myself that there is something blooming in their bathroom besides mildew.

There are 4 new scents for the Spring, Rain, Wildflower, Nectar, & Sweet Pea Petals. What I love about them is their subtleness. You are not overwhelmed by the scent that you notice that it is there but just a small background freshness in the air.


I placed one the new Frebreze Spring Scents Base units in the boys bathroom right off bat. My youngest was in their doing his business and said wow it smells great in here. I was first confused thinking how could he like the smell of #2, but then remembered the Frebreze:)

  • Eliminates tough odors so they are gone for good
  • 30 days of freshness
  • Lasts noticeably longer than cones
  • Perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, closets, and mud rooms
  • Convenient and simple to use–no plugs, no batteries, virtually mess-free
  • Available in a variety of scents


I also placed a Frebreze Noticeable in our mudroom in the basement where we have smelly sports equipment. I so loved heading down there and catching the smell of the sweet pea.

  • Innovative warmer alternates between two complementary scents, so you’re sure to notice them all month-long
  • Unlike other electric fresheners, Febreze Noticeables actually eliminates odors from the air

So you may not be able to have your windows open this spring due to the allergies that also signify the season, think about bringing in Spring Scents with the New Limited Edition Frebreze Spring Scents.


  1. I use Febreze on a daily basis here at my home, I love it right now I have been using one called Rain, I love it, but I am running low on it so I will check into one of these Spring scents this weekend when I go grocery shopping, I think that nectar sounds interesting.

  2. What a sweet concept. I love Febreze products. I also like those newer scent bases..I use them in my closets.

  3. I would love to try these, I like a nice light scent

  4. I can’t wait to try these, love the Frebreze scents! I’m looking forward to opening the windows, letting the breeze blow the Frebreze Springs throughout my home 🙂

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