Bubble Gum Valentine Ideas and Free Printable

Bubble Gum Valentine Ideas and Free Printable

This post brought about Bubble Gum Valentines Ideas and Valentine Printable Bubble Gum to you by Wrigley Jr. Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of close to home.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it so we are sharing these fun Juicy Fruit® Starburst® flavored Gum Valentines for you to share with your child’s classroom.

Yes you read this correctly, you can now enjoy your favorite Starburst® flavors in gum made by Juicy Fruit®. But what makes this even better is that this new Juicy Fruit® gum is sugar free so kids with braces can still enjoy these fun flavors.

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum Free printable

How to make this easy Bubble Gum Valentine 

I have always been pretty strict about only allowing my kids to chew sugarless gum but now that I have 2 in braces this is so much more important. The best thing is the Juicy Fruit® Starburst® gum taste like the sugary flavored gum and has no sugar free after-taste.

Of course, I had to try the gum before making these Valentines and really enjoyed the sweet yet sugarless flavor. A great alternative for a sweet craving when trying to watch your calories. 

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum

The new, sugar-free gum is available in two popular Starburst® flavors: Strawberry and Cherry. I found this great display at our Target store. Available in Single-packs (15 sticks) & Multi-packs (3 single packs)


I purchased both flavors of the Juicy Fruit® Starburst® Gum at Target, and these little containers in the One Spot Section also at Target. You don’t even need to spend the extra dollar as you only need a printer and some tape or a XYRON Machine. 

I Chews You Free Valentines Printable

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum

I am not sure which Gum Valentine Idea I prefer, what about you?

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum


You are in luck, I created this free  StarburstGumValentines-2 Valentines Printable that you can just print and attach to either the bubble gum package itself or to the little festive containers.


Valentine Printable Bubble Gum


What saying should I use with bubblegum Valentine?

At first, I was going to go with a star theme for these Bubble Gum Valentine Ideas but then thought of the pun of Chews for Choose.

This year my kids will be giving out Juicy Fruit® Starburst® Gum with these simple” I CHEWS U this Valentines Day” stickers. Simple yet to the point.

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum

Which Flavor of Juicy Fruit® Starburst® are you most excited about trying?


  1. This is so adorable. I chews you! LOL that is so cute, I want to do that for my boys

  2. I swear Starbursts are favorites of every kiddo! These are adorable and we might just have to make some for our cousins!

  3. I love this idea thanks for sharing I will be making these for people for Valentines gifts.

  4. should be easy enough to make. YOu always amaze me 🙂

  5. Great idea for “my” first grade children that I volunteer for on Wednesdays. Thank you, Aunt Gerry

  6. What a cute valentine’s day gift!

  7. I haven’t seen these in stores yet. I did see the Juicy fruit chewy, soft gum blocks though, and they’re good!

  8. How cute! I love Valentines Day. The catchy phrases are so fun!

  9. Splendid idea. Love the printables.

  10. What a cute idea! Makes me wish I had a little one to take Valentine’s Day cards to school! Thanks for sharing!

  11. The basket and printables are absolutely adorable. They would be great for class Valentines.

  12. Oh my gosh, my world is complete! Starburst flavored chewing gum – can’t wait to try!

  13. What a cute idea! And wow 2 for $4.00 that is a steal! I bet the kids will enjoy getting these!

  14. I was also suprised as traditional Juicy Fruit Gum is not. Very flavorful as well. you would not know it was sugar free.

  15. How adorable. I can’t wait to surprise my kiddos this Valentine’s Day with these little cuties.

  16. Oh my how cute. I know a few people I Would to do this for.

  17. What a cute idea! My kids are getting a little too old for those paper Valentine’s, but they are still given out in school. I like this idea much better!

  18. This is great! I love having the kids put together their own Valentines. I think they would love to do this!

  19. Such a cute idea. And I really like the fact that the gum is sugar free.

  20. LOL, that is a wicked cute idea! I might just do that for my boys this year 🙂

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