Bubble Gum Valentine Ideas and Free Printable

We have updated this post Bubble Gum Valentine Ideas and Valentine Printable Bubble Gum that was originally sponsored by Wrigley Jr. Company.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it so we are sharing these fun Juicy Fruit® Starburst® flavored Gum Valentines for you to share with your child’s classroom.

To be on the safe side with parents, we recommend buy sugar-free bubble gum.  There are so many great flavors out there, the kids and parents will thank you. 

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum Free printable

How to make this easy Bubble Gum Valentine 

I have always been pretty strict about only allowing my kids to chew sugarless gum but now that I have 2 in braces this is so much more important. The best thing is the Juicy Fruit® Starburst® gum taste like the sugary flavored gum and has no sugar free after-taste.

Of course, I had to try the gum before making these Valentines and really enjoyed the sweet yet sugarless flavor. A great alternative for a sweet craving when trying to watch your calories. 

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum



  • Packs of Gum with a hard cover
  • Printer
  • Free Printable
  • Paper gift boxes (optional)
  • Table or a XYRON Machine. 


I Chews You Free Valentines Printable


Valentine Printable Bubble Gum

I am not sure which Gum Valentine Idea I prefer, what about you?

Valentine Printable Bubble Gum




I Chews You Bubblegum Valentine



You are in luck, I created this free  StarburstGumValentines-2 Valentines Printable that you can just print and attach to either the bubble gum package itself or to the little festive containers.


Valentine Printable Bubble Gum


What saying should I use with bubblegum Valentine?

At first, I was going to go with a star theme for these Bubble Gum Valentine Ideas but then thought of the pun of Chews for Choose.

This year my kids will be giving out Gum with these simple” I CHEWS U this Valentines Day” stickers. Simple yet to the point.


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