Make these Adorable Mickey Mouse Invitations In Minutes


I have been making my kid’s birthday party invitations for as long as I can remember. Of course I used some Evites along the way but there is something fun and unique about a fun party themed invitation. I recently was able to review the XYRON Creative Station, 5inch series and I am addicted. Where was this 11 years ago? Close to Home was recently chosen a host for the DisneySide Parties this February and I wanted to make Mickey Mouse Invitations using my new XYRON Creative Station.

disneyside party, #ad

The Xyron creative station creates permanent adhesives, removable stickers, magnets and laminates paper. While this is not always necessary it makes card and invitation making a breeze. Don’t you hate it when some papers curl up with too much glue or gets wrinkled when you layer it onto another piece of paper. 

Xyron Creative Station

I found a Mickey Mouse Invitation idea on Pinterest and decided to use it as inspiration for my DisneySide Party. The one I saw on Pinterest was from an Etsy shop and was a pocket style invite, I thought I would change things up to make it a little easier. I first made a Mickey Mouse Head tracer from clip art found here.

Mickey ears invitations

Next I folded a piece of black card stock in half and traced the Mickey ears with the top of the ears at the fold. (You will not cut the ears completely, it will fold from the ears.

disney side

I used red card stock and traced the lower half of the circles to make Mickey’s Pants. I put them through the permanent adhesive of the Xyron Creative Station. (which is a breeze to use, no cords, no electricity, it is amazing)


Adhere the red pieces of paper and I used white reinforcement stickers and some white paint pen for the buttons.

The details of the DisneySide Party will be inside the Mickey Mouse Ears Invitations. I made up these fun inserts, making the circle 3 1/2 inches wide.

Mickey mouse invitation

Once again through the Xyron Creative station and onto the invitation. Told you this was easy.

mickey mouse invitations

Of course we couldn’t stop at just making invites. My daughter and I decided to make up some magnets with the Xyron the upcoming super bowl and another one to decorate her locker. 

how to make magnets

I think they turned out great. We just put them under some heavy books for a couple of hours to flatten them out.



So no matter what paper project you are making, the Xyron Creative station is the perfect helper. You can buy these Xyron creative station at Amazon or I saw them at Joanne Fabrics as well. I will be buying refills when I get a good coupon. The only bad part of the machine is that you get a little bit of waste when you change a cartridge.

xyron creative station

 What would your first project be if you had one of these amazing Xyron machines?

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  1. Yona this has been a very fun review product!! It really does help with creativity

  2. these are super cute. I would have Mickey everywhere!

  3. Thanks Jessica, they were fun to make too, most importantly inexpensive and easy.

  4. Cute invites! I pinned this!

  5. Thx Jessica these Mickey invites were fun to make and I am addicted to the xyron machine

  6. I would make some stickers. I like the mickey invites,so cute!