Chicken Soup Mix in A Jar Gift

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With the cooler weather also comes cold and flu season. This time of year the germs just pass from one family member to the next. While it is hard on the family for the kids to get sick, it’s never good if mom gets a cold or flu.

I know I don’t get to take the day off to take care of myself, I can’t call in for a sick day. Caregivers don’t get a break but you can get them prepared with this fun get well basket filled with our homemade chicken soup Mix in a Jar Gift. Just knowing someone is thinking of you will help you feel better. 


Chicken Soup Mix in A Jar Gift

Chicken soup is always something I crave when I am down with a cold. Having an arsenal of this Chicken soup mix in a jar will come in handy in my own house as well as make a great gift for someone not feeling well. It will store great in your pantry.

Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe


You don’t need much to make this quick but thoughtful get well gift.

  • Any clean glass jar
  • Egg noodles 
  • Spices


Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe


Measure out all of your spice ingredients, except the bay leaf. 


Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe

Chicken Soup Mix in A Jar Gift

Mix them well and place them in the bottom of your glass jar. 

Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe


Top the spice mixture with the cup of egg noodles. Place the bay leaf on the interior of the jar. 

Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe


Print a free Chicken Noodle Mix in a Jar Recipe printable. 


Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe

Pack this jar with a box of tissues, a boxes of over the counter medicaitons. Advil® is must have for the get well basket as nothing’s faster on tough pain*” *Among OTC pain relievers. *Use as directed

Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe

To help with those body aches that can accompany your flu or cold, include a  ThermaCare® Product in the basket.

Unlike Creams and rubs that mask the pain, ThermaCare® has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. ThermaCare Heatwraps deliver real heat compared to topical rubs and patches which are counter-irritants providing the sensation of heat. *Use as directed

Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe

Anyone will be thrilled to receive this thoughtful gift.


It’s time to stock up on Pfizer products that help support their immune systems like Centrum and Emergen-C and to be prepared when sickness strikes with products like Advil® and Robitussin. When shopping at Walgreens be sure to take advantage of the $8 in coupon savings.

Chicken soup mix in a jar recipe

What would you add to this Get Well basket? 

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  1. What a great gift idea especially for the cooling season. I’d love to create a few for friends and family.

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  9. I could use everything in that basket right now.. I’m so miserable with a cold. The soup is exactly what I need!

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