Chocolate and Bacon Do you dare?

Last week I talked about how I feel that bacon is becoming more of my life living in the south with the Okra Soup?  Well I think this might just take the bacon, no pun intended. It is natural to think about bacon in a savory dish, well how about for dessert, as in a Chocolate bar with bacon??

I know I was hesitant at first, as were my children, but let me tell you it is worth every calorie. Totally unexpected sweet and salty flavor I crave.

Love the mold they are made in.

I was given a bar of  Chuao Chocolatier Maple Bacon Bar to review. Here is the description and it fits it perfectly. “This bar is  crisp bacon, delicate maple sweetness and bonfire smoked sea salt in velvety-rich milk chocolate. The perfect combination of artisan milk chocolate and maple complements the smoky bacon and sea salt for a gratifying indulgence to fulfill every chocolate lover’s dream” The bar retails for $4.99. You can see the other Chuao Chocolate reviews on my previous post.

Worried about calories, I get it Halloween is around the corner and every room has some sort of candy treat in it. For those interested in a 60-calorie chocolate snack, the Sweet & Salty ChocoPod explodes with flavor. A touch of sea salt has swirled its way into Chuao’s signature sweet milk chocolate to create the perfect blend of sweet and salty. At $1 a pop, you can try a few flavors. Great Stocking stuffer for the gourmet in your life.

Check out the unique flavor combinations. You will not eat another Hershey’s Plain Chocolate Bar again. Wonder if anyone is giving these out for Halloween?

Right now the only Chauo Chocolate Cafes are in Southern California but I am sure they will ship to you. They can also be found in some major retail shops like Whole Foods, Crate and Barrel and Wegmans to name a few. Find a Chuao Chocolate retail location near you.

Close to Home received a sample for review and was not given any further compensation. All the opinions are my own.

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  1. I cant even imagine how sinfully good chocolate and bacon would be..

  2. Sounds good, I love sweet and salty together! I’d also love to try the potato chip flavor!

  3. I’ve feared chocolate and bacon, but everyone I know who’s feared it and tried it, loves it. But I’d be guilty for days afterward!!

  4. this sounds so good! i have tasted bacon ice cream- bacon choc looks yummy! mhoward

  5. Whoa! This sounds so fun. I’ve got to try some! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  6. I seriously love chocolate and bacon. YUM!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, this sounds so very good! I would try it for sure and I know my hubby would love the bacon flavor and also the Spicy or Firecracker bar. Great review, thanks!

  8. Chocolate and bacon definitely gets my attention!