Choosing a costume for your Tween… Roman or Greek Halloween costumes


disclosureHey this is Caitlin. I wanted to tell you guys about this cool new costume called Glamour Goddess. The fun costume is fun, cute ,and nicely made. The costume comes in a three-piece set. The set includes the costume with the cape, golden cuffs, and a flower headpiece. The costume is comfortable and easy to get into. I love the Glamour real Greek Goddesses costume.

greek goddess costume

This year I am doing cotillion. So that means dresses once a month for the dances and a Halloween costume for the Halloween night. At my Cotillion it is a tradition to dress up as a theme with your carpool. Our carpool wanted to do something original so I suggested being Greek Goddesses. Everyone in my carpool thought it was a good idea and original. That afternoon I asked my mom if she could order that costume. Now I have a costume for cotillion and Halloween.

roman costume

My mom likes it because it has enough material. She says she does not like some of the teen costumes out there but when we found this one from we agreed it would be perfect for the dance. 

greek goddess costume

I really like the costume and the colors of this Greek Goddess Costume. The dress is white but with a light silvery mesh around the bottom. The dress has a gold trim around the top. Also there are little pink flowers around the sleeve. The cape is attached to the dress. The cape is pink with a gold trim around the edge. Also the cape is a mesh type of fabric. The headpiece is golden with the same little ping flowers as the dress around the side. Also there are golden leaves around the sides,too. I really enjoy the costume and I am extremely excited for Halloween and cotillion. I feel like a real Greek GODDESS. 


Have fun Trick or Treating this year in whatever costume you choose from 
Mom would love to hear what you think about this costume…

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  1. The costume is almost as cute as the model 😉 Last year I made a costume for Sammie it was an Artemis (godess of animals) with a bow & arrow. This year we just might buy one.

  2. those sound so reasonable. I think they try to make some of these costumes too “slutty” if you will.

  3. I love what you picked 🙂 When Molly was a tween, I think she went as Princess Leia one year. And she went as a medieval princess another year.