Christmas Ornament Memory Box

 I know you might not want to hear it but Christmas is coming around the corner. You have probably seen the stores starting to stock the shelves with Holiday items. While the kids may or may not remember what gifts they received each year or what special meal you served, I want to share with you something the children may remember in the years to come, Christmas Ornament Memory Box.
My mother started this tradition with my siblings and me. Every year we were given an ornament on Christmas. Once we moved out of the house and had our own tree, we went through the ornaments at my mom’s house and took the ones that we received, or at least thought were ours.
After 30 years these accumulate but I now have a lifetime of Christmas Ornament Memories. 

Keeping with this tradition with my own children, I have decided to come up with a way to keep ornaments better organized.

Christmas Ornament Memory Box

What is the easiest way to keep all those ornaments stored and organized?

 In the last few years, I started writing the year and initials on the ornaments if I could sneak it on the back or bottom of it without damaging the overall look.

This year I decided to try something different. How to best organize your Christmas ornaments while creating a tradition.

How to Create a Christmas Ornament Memory Box 


While shopping one day I found $5.00 ornament boxes, which each holds 35 ornaments. They are compact and sturdy. I bought one for each of my children.


Add your children’s names to the boxes. Start a list of ornaments by year for each child including who they were from.



Place each of the kids’ ornaments in their boxes with the list on top for easy access if you need to add more. 


 Each year I will add to their boxes and complete their list. These Christmas ornament memory boxes will serve as a wonderful keepsake when they are ready to start their own traditions or move out of the house.

The kids enjoy packing and unpacking “their ornaments” each year which brings up great memories too. 


christmas ornament memory box


I wanted to share the amazing Christmas ornament from Hallmark that the kids will be getting this year. They are from the  Hallmark’s Heritage Collection. The high-quality ornaments are handcrafted and designed by Hallmark artists and inspired by the rich history of Hallmark. Each ornament is hand-blown and crafted by artisans in Poland.

These are truly remarkable ornaments. Now that the kids are older I think they can handle these more delicate ornaments. I wish I had our tree out to see how beautiful they would look once hung. 

christmas ornament memory box

Every ornament’s has a story about it’s an inspiration and the creative process is on the tags, and each piece is packaged in a gold-trimmed box, carefully nestled in shredded paper. I know you want to get a start on your Holiday Shopping.

These three ornaments, as well as others, are available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores or online these ornaments are sure to add a twinkle to any tree.

christmas ornament memory box




Do you have a Christmas Ornament tradition at your home? 

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  1. All of the adults draw names at Christmas for a gift exchange so we don’t have to buy all of the adults gifts (only 1 gift).

  2. We have a lot of great traditions. I love reading a Christmas book a night to build up to Christmas. My kids love the Elf on the Shelf and we always take a night, drink cocoa and drive around looking at lights!

  3. Every year I make a special and unique gift for my husband, along with a hand made card.

  4. My girls and I decorate. We also bake cookies and leave them for Santa. It’s funny that Santa loves the same cookies that my husband does.

  5. We always decorate the tree together and bake cookies!!

  6. My traditions include family dinners and decorating the tree together.

  7. We do an advent calendar with activities.

  8. When I was young, my parents always let us open a present on Christmas Eve. We made lots of Christmas Cookies too!

  9. I gift my children and nieces and nephews a Christmas ornament every year.

  10. My daughter and I make an annual shopping trip the first weekend in November. I make boxes for each grandchild to open on Christmas Eve, They get jammies, a movie, cocoa and popcorn. They love them. We all gather at my daughters home for presents on Christmas morning and then breakfast.

  11. We open gifts on Christmas Eve.

  12. We change the theme of our Christmas Tree every year!

  13. Our holiday tradition is to decorate for Christmas on November 1st.

  14. We always get the children in the family together to decorate the tree at their Grandmother’s house.

  15. Holiday traditions include opening one gift on christmas eve. Having Christmas at my aunts house.

  16. I purchased these after Christmas… They were on sale then

  17. We had ornaments we put up every year and some were things my kids made in grade school. My kids are older now so we have changed our routine.

  18. We have yearly ornaments. 🙂 We also get new pajamas every year for Christmas Eve.

  19. One of our traditions is to eat chili for dinner every Christmas Eve.

  20. Wow I am so excited to learn that I can get ornament boxes for $5. I think I paid about $20 for one last year. I was visiting my family a few weeks ago, they live thousands of miles away, and we already put up the tree so Christmas has been on my mind for a while. I am looking forward to putting up my own tree this week.

  21. Our tradition is to make homemade gifts

  22. We decorate the tree each year on black Friday instead of shopping.

  23. Our biggest tradition is getting together and doing the holiday baking in a couple days as a family every year.

  24. You have some time, I am sure something will come naturally

  25. I think that is invaluable and love the homemade stockings.

  26. This is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing your tradition.

  27. When I was a baby my dad planted grapefruit trees and when they grew big enough we decorated them every year along with the big Christmas tree. Then, when my daughter was born, my dad planted a new grapefruit tree to carry on the tradition with his granddaughter.

  28. I have a new baby daughter and don’t have any holiday traditions established with her, but am looking forward to starting new traditions

  29. We make Christmas cookies every year with the whole family.

  30. Our Christmas tradition is every year I buy the children a special ornament to add to their collection. I have also made all their Christmas stockings.

  31. Every year my daughter dances in the Nutcracker and each year, I get her a Nutcracker ornament. We are up to 8! That’s our tradition

  32. Awesome giveaway! Love hallmark ornaments. They’re so pretty. Our tradition is to decorate the Christmas tree together. It so much fun to have everyone helping. Photo taking is part of our house tradition.

  33. My mom used to do this with all of our ornaments! So much fun! Just had twin girls two months ago, so now it’s time for me to start in on these kinds of traditions!

  34. We enjoy decorating the tree together. I have been collecting ornaments since I was a kid!

  35. I am a Hallmark ornament junkie. They’re all we buy and I love having full sets (I have ALL of the Puppy Love). I hope to pass them onto my girls, the way my mom did for me. I will have to get them all neatly organized like this.

  36. My Daughter is grown now with grown children of her own. Every year I hide a new ornament on her tree. She always finds it when she is taking the tree down.