Dishwasher Pods Storage Solutions And Free Movie Ticket

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The idea of having a kitchen without a dishwasher seems so foreign to me. We had to replace our dishwasher a few months ago and I had to do dishes by hand…. I know, by hand. I remember my grandmother’s apartment in Chicago did not have a dishwasher and whenever she hosted a big event, the grandkids did all the dishes by hand. Makes you appreciate appliances when you are without. Now you can just pop a dishwasher pod and not worry about that powder spilling all over your kitchen floor. However, how do you store all those dishwasher pods? We have a few simple DIY Storage Solutions plus read to the bottom to learn how to get a $5 e-Movie cash reward when you buy 2 Finish dish products at Target.


Dishwasher Pods Storage Solutions

How often do you open your “clean” dishwasher to find food still stuck to your plates? I was convinced it was my dishwasher and I have cleaned out the filter a bunch of times. Maybe it was me being too lazy to wash the dishes before washing them in the dishwasher? Seems like a waste of water doing that! I had to put Finish Powerball dishwasher pods to the test.

While at Target, looking around the cleaning and home goods aisle, I decided to pick up Finish Powerball Max in 1, 80 count, to see if there would be a difference in the quality of the cleaning. With Finish, you get “unbeatable clean* and 25% more loads**”  *vs Cascade Premium **Based on retail pack size comparison of Finish® Quantum Max® and Cascade Platinum. Cascade Platinum is a registered trademark of P&G.

Let’s test to see if it delivers a finishing boost of shine.

Dishwasher Pods Storage Solutions

Now for the test. The first real test was a plastic container with rings of red chili or tomato sauce, you know the look.

cleaner-dishes with finish

Boom came out clean. The dishwasher pods tackle whatever you throw at it. They penetrate, break down, and lift away even 24-hour dried on food.



Dishwasher Pods Storage Solutions

I am in love, but one challenge of the larger size is the packaging and getting lost among the mess under my sink, which can get me frustrated. I decided to make some DIY dishwasher pod storage containers.

Dishwasher Pods Storage Solutions


First I used a recycled jar and some chalkboard stickers and permanent chalkboard pens. Boom I have a cute container to keep on top of the kitchen sink.

Dishwasher Pods Storage Solutions

If you buy the large economy sized pods and are still feeling too lazy to refill the glass jar you’ve created, you can decorate an old plastic container for the remaining cleaning pods. Simply wrap the container with wrapping paper & use decoupage glue to make a waterproof coating. Add a label and then you have a cute container for under the sink storage.

In reality, I will not ever really rinse off the dishes completely, not while I still have 3 kids in the house, so why not help my dishwasher out by using the best dishwasher detergent I’ve ever used.

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dishwasher pods storage solutions

 What tricks do you have to store your washing machine or dishwashing pods?

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