College Care Package Ideas For Exam Time

 Do you send college care packages during exam time?   The kids are so use to getting things from Amazon wouldn’t it be fun to have them go to the mail room and find something they did not order?

Although my kids are still a few years off from going to college, we have a few family friends that attend the service academies and we thought we would share some College Car

e Package Ideas for their upcoming exams.

Since we are sending a few care packages out, we will be getting our 

supplies of but packaging them from home. Here are some must have items and creative ways to package up those much-needed boosts during exam time.

college care packages during exams


College Care Packages During Exams

I remember exam time in college and although you felt you needed to spend hours studying, it was just as important to find a friend who needed a study break as well.

That is why we have broken up our College Care Package into 2 different sections, a Study Time and a Study Break Time package all in one.

For the Study Time care package we thought of some dorm friendly snacks the boys might like. We just plan on filling a shoe box that we added a fun printable on top. Study time you need your protein and a little caffeine to keep you on track. We plan on packing up some

  1. Slim Jims: Slim Jim is the original meat stick. It comes in a few different flavors so the boys can pick from their Amazon wish list.
  2. Swiss Miss: When you just can’t drink another cup of coffee, try Swiss Miss’ newest cocoa treat–Simply cocoa- just five simple ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  3. DAVIDS: Another fun protein snack to study with are a bag of DAVID seeds. DAVID seeds has great flavors you’ll love–grab a bag of original or try something new like Ranch, BBQ, jalapeno Hot Salsa or Dill Pickle
  4. Gum
  5. An assortment of hard and chewy candies

Study Break Time Care Package will hopefully give them the needed break and entertainment to get back to studying after an hour or so. I remember wanted to escape into a romantic comedy during exam time. Whatever the movie genre, the snacks are still the same. Fill a fun Plastic popcorn container with some of the following items:

  1. Orville Popcorn: Stick a bag of this in your dorm microwave and see how many friends emerge. .Orville Redenbacher’s is the perfect treat for anytime but movie time is the best. .Try our new varities of Skinny Microwave Popcorn
  2. Movie Gift card or DVD’s
  3. Movie size candy boxes
  4. A visa card  or cash to go out to the movies.

Instead of guessing what your college kids might be needing, have them start a Dorm Room Care Package #Amazon Wish List. 

Not only can they choose from items they find on but also allows you to add pictures of items they are in need of, or simply  replying to a text.

No need to text mom every time you run out of something, keep a running list of things your student needs and send them directly to their door without ever entering a store


What are some items you wish you had in a college care package?

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  1. That is such a great idea. Love al your break ideas.

  2. I love the concept of different care packages for different occasions! Amazon makes it super easy on parents to send things when their kids really need them! #client

  3. These are great ideas! I am going to have to check them out for my daughter who is away at school.

  4. I would have loved something like this! I’m a Prime member so it would be easy to do for my own kids.

  5. My mom used to send me care packages when I was in school. They always made my day!

  6. I wish someone would have sent me a package like this when I was in college! Then again, I never dormed but it still would have been nice =)

  7. In my care package, gift cards were always key!

  8. These are fantastic ideas, I am going to use them when I put a package together for my nephew.

  9. Oh I had tons of food items, treats, candies, chocolates, and pizza gift cards

  10. How neat! I’m sure a kid away at campus probably gets homesick often, so a care package from home is probably just what they need!

  11. This is a wonderful idea. If only I could find the time to study!

  12. OH yes! I’m sure any college student would love to receive this!

  13. Such fantastic ideas! I know my best friend hates trying to guess what her kids and nephews will be needing for school.

  14. This looks like a great idea, even to send as Christmas gifts too!

  15. So much fun to send care packages to kids in college. Both of my kids’ schools set up programs so they could just deliver them right to their rooms.

  16. This is a great idea. I hate having to guess what my sister needs and end up sending things she doesn’t need or like.

  17. This is an awesome idea! I definitely know I would have loved it when I was studying.

  18. Great idea. My step-son is a senior in high school this year, so I wlll be sending lots of care packages starting next year.