Cooking with Apples–Some of my favorite Recipes


It is that time of year again that the apple orchards and markets are filled with juicy apples, the temperatures are starting to cool, and the oven is being turned on more often.

 Here is this years trip, even the dog got into a few apples on the ground

Can you find our apple picker?

I thought I would share some of my favorites from the last few years as well as some new ones I have pinned and anxious to try.

I can’t not start with my favorite this year, Triple Dipped Apple Recipes for Smores apples.

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

 Or the Traditional Caramel Apples but with a do it yourself bar.


You can not worry about your waist line when making this Apple and Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Recipe


On the savory side, Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash was a pleasant surprise and worth the extra effort.


Finally only in the mood for a little apple taste, this Barefoot Contessa’s Cape Cod Salad is a great fall entree.


Love the idea of serving hot cider, just not sure how it would hold up.

Maybe you have a lot of apples and want to can some for apple pies for Thanksgiving, This is a great recipe for canned Apple Pie Filling.




  1. Thanks for including my recipe for Apple Pie Filling! I appreciate it. Sharing this post next. Great collection for fall.

  2. Wow! Your recipes look amazing! I still can’t wait to make the s’mores apples. Maybe this weekend I’ll get my act together and whip some up (and gobble them down!) Thanks for the other recipes as well. YUM!

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