Decorate Your Door with these Fall and Halloween DIY Wreaths

Nothing is more inviting than your front door. Whether you decorate for fall or Halloween or both  I thought I would share some fun DIY wreaths to celebrate the season. Wreaths are a fun way to tell neighbors and friends that you are welcoming the new season or holiday in style.
When do you start decorating for Halloween?  Typically around here it is Oct 1st.  here are some fun and not so hard DIY Halloween wreath ideas you can make in a weekend an enjoy for years to come.
I hope you find some inpiration from this post and I would love to see links to any of your DIY Wreaths.  

DIY wreath

I made this Spider Halloween Wreath inspired by Martha Stewart’s Wreath a few years ago and it is still intact. This year I added a floating spider by attaching some floral ribbon around a push pin and sticking it into the foam backing. Due to the materials I would not put this outside.

Pretty Simple DIY from Martha Stewart’s Website. steps: 

The secret is reindeer moss, actually a lichen, available at crafts stores and garden centers.
The natural color of the moss, combined with some creepy-crawly embellishments, will make it appear as though you pulled the wreath from the depths of a cobweb-covered attic.
1. Hot-glue handfuls of moss to a Styrofoam wreath form until covered.
2. Apply a thin coat of craft glue to plastic spiders (available at Halloween stores); sprinkle with black glitter. Hot-glue spiders onto wreath.
3. Hang wreath using monofilament or a ribbon
Can’t find Glittery Spiders? No worries. Just buy the plastic or cloth ones and dip them in glue and then sparly black glitter and you get the same effect. I also used some mice to mix it up.
I have hit Pinterest for some fun DIY Wreath Ideas. Here one blogger shows you how to make a knock off of this William Sonoma Wreath.


Love this Christmas Ball Wreath technique for any seasonal wreath. Buy the ornaments after Christmas for an even more economical wreath.

Halloween Wreath



Fall Initial Wreath

Love the initials added to this fall wreath. You can find wood letters at most craft stores.


Here is another feather boa wreath. Just add some googly eyes and you have a spooky welcome. I have seen these in orange and purple too.

Halloween Boa Wreath


Boo Wreath

If you have the patience to wrap thin twine around a wreath, this is sure a cute one. Check out her website for places to purchase the colored twine.

This wreath uses free supplies of mini pinecones you may have on your property or near by. I know we have plenty of acorns to make a wreath at our house. Just keep it away from the squirrels!

halloween wreath idea


Have one to share with group, just leave your link in the comments and I will add it!!

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