Tips for Decorating with Curtains

This is a guest post about decorating with curtains. Besides framing the window and enhancing the view, curtains also serve to protect your valuables from the view of strangers. If you know how to use a sewing machine and you also like to change your place frequently, curtains are a great way to accomplish that. The benefits of creating your own windows treatment are many. In addition to be able to have a one-of-a-kind piece, you will be saving money as well as helping the environment considering that you will be able to create amazing pieces from remnants as well as reuse old curtains that, otherwise, would end up on the landfill.

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The easiest way to customize a window treatment is by adding trim to the existing curtains. Using either a monochromatic approach or a contrasting one, select a fabric to be incorporated to the existing curtains. You can create a vertical border by adding some fabric to each side of the curtain the making it wider or you can add a horizontal strip to the existing curtain to create some interest to the room. Also, if you have a set of curtains that is shorter than the actual window height, you can add height to it simply by adding a horizontal border. This way you will be not only saving money as the taller the curtains, the more expensive they are, but also, you will be preventing that piece of fabric from going to the landfill.

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Furthermore, you can also recycle old curtains into new ones but shortening them as well as converting duvet covers into window treatments. While duvets tend to make amazing roman shades, pillow shams can be easily converted into customized tie backs for your new curtains. If you like arts and crafts, another great way to spruce your curtains up is by adding glass beads to them. Start with a pencil, draw a nice pattern on the front of the curtain; then, using needle and thread, and add the glass beads one-by-one. It will take some time to complete it but the final result is breath taking. Since the glass beads tend to be a little heavier than ribbons, try to avoid busy patterns.

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Ribbons are another very affordable way to customize your curtains. Using ribbons on different colors, textures and widths, you can create anything from a Greek inspired motif to an abstract piece of art. Another idea: select a poem or quotes that will inspire you and, using a sharpie, start writing them over a painter’s drop cloth. The final result: your very own set of antique curtains with manuscripts embedded.

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Sharpies, painter’s drop clothes, and textile paint are the main ingredients to create a custom-tailored window treatment for a kid’s or a music room. For a more rustic look, replace the traditional rod with a large branch. If you live in a place with extreme winter, consider adding a layer of flannel between the front and the back of your curtain panel in order to create a curtain that is more energy efficient as the flannel will add some weight to the fabric, making harder for  the heat to leave the house thru the windows.
For a more traditional, yet very sophisticated look, consider adding both border and trim to your existing curtains. Regardless whether your curtains are fully operable or not, you should add border to the side of the panel that sits closer to the tie back and both border and trim to the side you will be pulling from to open the curtains. In this case, consider having a nice set of tassels to enhance the curtains. While I tend to stay away from valances, swags, and cornices, a well-designed cornice can actually add some finish touch to the room while enhancing your curtains. For a more up-to-date look prefer a traditional box shape cornice over the extremely ornate ones. By doing that, you will make sure you curtain is the focal point of your window treatment. While shopping for curtains be sure to check out  Moshells for a large selection of curtains blinds to choose from.

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