Dog Games to Play with Dog Treats

This post about Dog Games to Play with Dog Treats that Taste Homemade is brought to you by Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® biscuits.  It does not matter how young or old your pup might be, playing games with them is still important.

For those dogs that are motivated by food, this is the perfect hide and seek Brain Game to play with your pup. Most importantly it is free since you probably have all the necessary items at your home already.

The key to a successful hide and seek dog game is having amazing smelling treats. If the treats don’t smell like something the dog wants to eat, then game over!

What you need for the Hide and Seek Dog Games:

  • Balls, depending on the size of your dog, tennis or lacrosse balls work for regular size muffin pans
  • Muffin Tin (Mini muffins for smaller dogs)
  • Vita Bone Artisan Inspired biscuits
  • A dog 

Dog Games to Play with Dog Treats that Taste Homemade


Our dogs’ sense of smell is truly amazing and these types of games are great to play with a dog to discover just how smart they are.


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Simply break up some of the treats and put them in a few of the muffin tin cups. (Our pup is watching her weight so little pieces were perfect. Plus these treats have such a yummy aroma, little pieces were easy to find).



How to Play Hide and Seek Games With Your Dog

It took her a few minutes, but she eventually figured it out if she lifted balls that smelled like treats, she would find a yummy treat. Just one example of the super easy games to play with dogs.

brain games for dogs

Why we chose to use Vita Bone Artisan Treats:  As if the Maple Bacon and Blueberry Flavor was not a big seller, to begin with. Sometimes when you open a bag of dog treats, you want to turn your nose. These treats are so pleasant and smell just like what the package suggests.


Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® Dog Treats – made with real meat, fruit, and veggies. Sourced and made in America by a family owned company, these treats have no corn, no soy, no by-products and no artificial flavors. And the best part is how they smell…seriously…like real food…no more yucky dog treats!

The ingredients are sourced in America and of course, the treats themselves are also made in the USA. 

Besides the aroma appeal and the fact I don’t care about touching them, they are available nationwide at Walmart, and select grocery stores Find a store near you. 


Dog Biscuits that Taste Like HOmemade 2Dog Games to Play with Dog Treats that Taste Homemade


You can see from these photos that they are a big hit for Chloe both out of the bag and in the Dog Brain Game!


Dog Biscuits that Taste Like HOmemade 2


Get A bag for yourself and Print a coupon

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  1. I will play hide and seek and let them sniff me out.

  2. I would play search and find with these treats. I like to hide treats around my house and have the dogs find them 🙂 They really think it’s fun!

  3. My dog likes when I hide treats in easter eggs. She finds them and opens them to get the treat.

  4. These would help me train my puppy to shake and some other tricks. Shes not even a year old so perfect timing, thanks for the chance to win.

  5. We like to play tic tac toe with treats.

  6. I would reward my dog with a treat once she returns a ball.

  7. My dogs don’t play games, the most they would do is sit or dance!

  8. My dog loves to be chased!

  9. sit, hide and seek!

  10. go fetch with my kids grandparents dogs

  11. We’re currently training so they would probably be used as rewards!

  12. I would play this exact game.

  13. Thanks for this opportunity I love keeping my pups from being bored. I will utilize some of what you do.

  14. I would play Hide and Seek with my dog, Nala. I could play it over and over with so many places to hide.

  15. We’d play fetch! 😉

  16. I love the muffin tin idea! How great! Can’t wait to try that with my dog this evening – that is just the kind of thing he will like

  17. My sweet pups would love these! I have two furry friends who want to win!