Dog Party Ideas for our Happy Starts Here Party

The blog has gone to the dogs, well maybe just this post for now. Thanks to ALPO for supplying us with a fun party pack to get our #HappyStartsHere dog party ideas in motion. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own. While we love having people parties around here, Chloe decided it was time to entertain some friends for a dog food testing, even if it was not her dog birthday party.  The fun part was getting the adults to start thinking dog!

#Happystartshere dog party

ALPO’s new campaign, #HappyStartsHere is all about “If dogs could talk, what would they say?” ALPO was so gracious in their party box they sent, filled with plenty of wet dog food and tasty ALPO Snaps Snacks. Look at this great assortment we received in the mail.

dog party favors

We set up the party bags and filled them with ALPO free product coupons, ALPO dog Treats, and a KONG to name a few. There would be plenty of sampling going on at this party.


Since these dogs do not eat wet food I decided to convert a few of the wet dog food cans into frozen dog treats. So simple and they get the right ingredients just in smaller bite size portions. Simply scoop out food with a small ice cream scoop and freeze for a few hours. Store them in a Ziploc bag. A bowl full of dog goodness.


Now for the people fun. Each owner was given the task to “speak for their dog”. Each owner had to fill out their talk bubble with what would their dog say when tempted with an ALPO Snap treat. Here are a few of the doggie responses.

dog party

A few more, everyone looks happy to participate.

dog party

Of course Chloe is showing off her best training while she anxiously waits for her command to take a taste. What do you think she is saying here?

#happystartshere alpo dog

Where does your Happy start? Ever thought what would my dog say right now? Have yourself a #HappyStartsHere dog party and have some doggy fun!



What other dog party ideas do you have?

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  1. Oh I think they would love the CHOP HOUSE ORIGINALS® ROASTED CHICKEN FLAVOR COOKED IN SAVORY JUICES! They really love chicken!

  2. My dogs are very picky eaters. They love all of the Alpo Chophouse varieties, especially the Roasted Chicken.

  3. Sissy would like the tender bites with lamb.

  4. I think my dogs would love the filet mignon but would probably devour any of them really.

  5. My dogs would love to try beef tenderloin, or any of them really

  6. Our dogs love the Chop House Original Filet Mignon Flavor with Angus Beef!
    Kim Reid

  7. My two dogs like all the flavors but if I had to pick their very favorite one, it is CHOP HOUSE ORIGINALS® FILET MIGNON FLAVOR COOKED IN SAVORY JUICES. thank you

  8. Schooner and Skipper would LOVE to try the CHOP HOUSE ORIGINALS® FILET MIGNON FLAVOR! Because it sounds sooooo YUMMY!

  9. My dog likes the roasted chicken flavor.

  10. My dog would love the CHOP HOUSE® BEEF TENDERLOIN FLAVOR IN GOURMET GRAVY. She doesn’t like the ground food.

  11. My dogs like the BEEF TENDERLOIN
    FLAVOR .

  12. Our dog, Sky, would love all these flavors, but I think she would really love the CHOP HOUSE® BEEF TENDERLOIN FLAVOR In Gourmet Gravy.

  13. . my 3 girls would love all of the flavors however, i think the filet mignon sounds great.

  14. My aunt’s dog would love any of the flavors I’m sure. She’s a Lab and they like everything!

  15. my dog loves chophouse!and anything with a great flavor!

  16. Griffin would love turkey and bacon!

  17. My dog likes the Chop House Originals Filet Mignon flavor.

  18. Samantha would probably like the CHOP HOUSE® T-BONE STEAK
    GRAVY! But I know she would like any of them really. 🙂

  19. Rotisserie chicken is a favorite

  20. The TBone Steak flavor is the one that I think my boys would like.

  21. CHOP HOUSE Originals® FILET MIGNON FLAVOR Cooked in Savory Juices sounds good enough that I almost want to eat it! Almost. 😉

  22. I think my Pomeranian would like the filet mignon food!

  23. My dog loves the beef!

  24. She isn’t too picky, but I prefer to give her the sirloin flavor.

  25. My two are not picky, but they do love chicken so I gotta say the roasted chicken flavor.

  26. Shiloh would eat any of them, but I think he’d like the roasted chicken the best.

  27. My dogs love ALL t flavors,but I’d have to say they like the Filet Mignon flavor the best.

  28. I think Turkey and Bacon will go over well.

  29. I dog really enjoys the Top Sirloin flavor wet dog food.

  30. O di would like any of them but I believe he would like the PRIME SLICES® GRAVY CRAVERS™

  31. My Dogs Love Alpo! Their Favorite Is The CHOP HOUSE Originals® TOP SIRLOIN FLAVOR Cooked in Savory Juices!

  32. I dont have a dog but my friend would love this party for her dog

  33. My dog Buddy isn’t picky at all – he’ll take any of the flavors, as long as it Alpo!