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Dogtails dog shampoo

Thanks to Dogtails for sponsoring this post on all natural dog products and grooming tools. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Chloe loves loves to be brushed and given attention as long as it does not require a bath. We all know that once you walk into your house and all you can smell is dog, then it is time to give your pup a bath. We have used a lot of differnet products on Chloe, all of them have been pretty natural and had a pleasing odor. None of them until now would I have considered shampooing myself with the stuff.

dog grooming tools
Chloe and I are pleased to introduce your pups to the luxurious and environmentally conscious, Dogtails™ products. Dogtails is very focused on the big picture  fuses the best of all things pure – sustainable packaging, PET recyclable bottles, not a trace of SLS, dyes, artificial fragrances or parabens just simple transparent ingredients.
Clarifying and soothing, thanks to its genetic makeup of Sunflower Seed Oil packed with Vitamin E & Fatty Acids, Rosemary Oil to stimulate and moisturize fur, Grapefruit Oil to uplift & invigorate and Lime Oil a natural antiseptic and bacteria fighter.
Dogtails™ simply takes care of dogs in the best possible way.


For our review we tired the Dogtails Bundle.   Packaged in a recycled cotton mini tote which includes one full size bottle of “Dogtails – Dog Shampoo” (16 oz.) & one buttery soft “Dogtails – Plush Microfiber Towel”. 

dogtail dog shampoo

Let me tell you this towel was amazing. It really cut the drying time of our fluffy golden retriever and it looks like she enjoyed the attention too.
This holiday season consider buying Dogtails for your pup or a friends pup as philanthropy is at the top of their list. For every purchase of “Dogtails-Dog Shampoo” a soft blanket is dropped off at a local animal shelter for dogs in need of warmth & comfort.

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