How Does Dress For Success Help Women? #WomenWhoDo

How Does Dress For Success Help Women? #WomenWhoDo
I participated in an Ambassador Program and wrote about Dress for Success on behalf of Influence Central forVanity Fair Lingerie. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation and to write this post on how does dress for success help women. Dress for Success®

During my Vanity Fair Lingerie  #WomenWhoDo conference this summer we only were given a small glimpse into Dress for Success  It was not because Vanity Fair Lingerie does not support this cause but because we had some weather delays and many of us at to get to the airport. I wanted to share more with you about Dress for Success® and just what it does for women around the country to give them their lifts. 

What I knew about Dress for Success® was simply that they provided suits for women when they were headed to job interviews. However there is so much more Dress for Success® does for women. They not only provide them with the outfit but they do a lot more in helping them secure jobs and keep them. Each client that visits Dress for Success® get paired with one staff member so they have specialized attention. There are so many needs and this way each person can focus on theirs alone. 

Dress for Success® not only gives them the confidence to go on an interview and start over, but they want each client to gain a sense of “self-sufficiency” and to learn to be more independent. Each women has a different background and there is not magic cure to get these women back on their feet. Dress for Success® helps these women, 70% of them are mothers with 2-3 children get back into the workforce to help support their family. 

vanity Fair BOGODO

This is why the Vanity Fair Lingerie  BOGOGO events were so important in not only raising awareness to women wearing the wrong size bra, but also to help support an amazing cause. 

Maybe you know someone who could use some help in getting on the right track and gain their independence. Dress for Success®., started in 1997 in New York City but can now be find in over 140 cities in 20 countries, with 10,000 volunteers. Just think about the amazing impact this organization is having on women today. Not sure what they offer and how to get in touch? 

What does Dress for Success offer: 

  • Suiting Program
  • Career Centers
  • Going Places Network by Walmart
  • Professional Women’s Group
  • Associate Professional Women’s Group
  • Financial Literacy 
  • My Financial (MYFI) Success
  • Community Action Projects
  • Ambassador and Peer Membership. 


So you can either donate to their closet, volunteer or join a fund raising event, whatever you choose it will uplift a women in need!




  1. I love these kind of missions! There is something similar in Philly and the change you see on the faces of the women who have been helped is such a great feeling!

  2. that is really great that you saw the other side of it.

  3. I think this is a great partnership. It’s amazing how a good bra and a new outfit can make a woman more confident.

  4. I just got myself size and I couldn’t believe how wrong my current bras were! I’m so much more comfortable (and look so much better) after purchasing the right bra!

  5. Such a great program. We donate to Dress for Success here in Colorado too

  6. I am very familiar with the Dress for Success program. As an employer I have interviewed several persons who benefited from the program. Everyone deserves a chance and that first impression counts.

  7. Great program. When you feel good about yourself, you’re likely to do better and get further ahead. This is such a wonderful thing they’re doing.

  8. This sounds like a great program. I need to go through my closet, I am sure I have some stuff I can donate.

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