How to earn cash for Christmas by selling you stuff?


What do you do with clothes and toys that your kids outgrow? Do you donate them to places like Goodwill, give them to relatives or friends or try to sell them? With the change of seasons I am usually promoted to start going through the kids clothes and decide which toys and clothes can be handed down, sent to my niece and another pile of things that I could get paid good money.


I am relatively conservative with our clothes and toys purchases but when it comes to outerwear, electronics and most shoes, you really do get what you pay for. Some of these things can get some good return so I can then use the money to purchase new items for the kids who just grow too fast.

How to earn cash for Christmas by selling you stuff?

The holidays are fast approaching which means a lot of cash for new dress clothes and of course presents. I am even wondering if I should sell my old mobile phone this year, and buy myself a new one with the money earned. I know my daughter rather me save it for her, but it will be at least a year before she gets a phone. Sorry even Santa Clause can’t save you on that one dear! I have a friend who loves to sell her furniture and buy new pieces with her profits, often resale items as well. Makes total sense and I wish I was more patient in waiting for the right item to come for resale.


  • In choosing a store to sell to, consider their pricing and their clients.
  • Call them and find out their policies for getting your items reviewed, do you need to make an appointment, are there certain days they meet with people.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and without stains. I went to a place with a black light that found baby stains I did not.
  • If selling toys and games, make sure all pieces and instructions are included.
  • If selling adult clothing, make sure they are not more than a few years old, styles change quickly.
  • Decide if you want to get instore credit or cash and if there is a different payout method.
  • Look for church sales and see if you can volunteer to get a better payout.

What other tips do you have for how to earn money by selling used items?

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