Easter Egg Ideas-20 Great Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is the sign of Spring in so many ways. I just love the pastel and bright colors that are associated with Easter and Spring time. Our family’s favorite tradition is to decorate Easter Eggs each year.

However, there are so many fun plastic Easter Eggs on the market that you almost don’t have to dye your own anymore. However, while the kids are young enough to enjoy it, and are willing participants, I definitely think it is still fun to do.

But the kids get bored sometimes with just dipping into one or two colors, why not mix it up a little bit this year and make it fun for everyone. Here are some fun Easter Egg Ideas.

Easter Egg Ideas-20 Great Egg Decorating Ideas

differently decorated Easter Eggs technique pin

I decided to hunt around Pinterest and find some different  Easter Egg Ideas. Many of these you can display them year round as art!! I have never blown an egg for decorating but you might want to on some of these unique Easter egg designs to keep for more than a few days.

Need to figure out a way to make deviled eggs in the shell with some of these gorgeous Easter egg designs. I better get busy with my kids coming up with some ideas for decorating Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Ideas-20 Great Egg Decorating Ideas

Get creative this Easter with these unique and fun ways to decorate Easter Eggs.


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Source: marthastewart.com
Easter Egg ideasSource: alisaburke.blogspot.com


 Easter Egg Ideas-20 Great Egg Decorating Ideas


Easter Decorating ideas
Source: familycircle.com
Love the idea of hand painting Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas.


Source: Unknown 

Paint your blown out eggs  or craft eggs in black chalkboard paint.  Then have this kids go to town with any color chalk
4 eggs that are painted in black chalkbaord paint and write chalk designs.
Find fun stickers or with a sharpie add a mustache to dyed eggs.  Simple but makes a cute decor lined up. 
3 easter eggs dyed and then painted or sticker mustaches on
Do you hard boil your eggs or blow your eggs before decorating for Easter?? What is your favorite Easter Egg Idea?


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