Easy Christmas Place cards and Party favor

I made these place cards for our Christmas Eve dinner last year and never got around to posting them. This is such an easy and inexpensive touch you can do for your guests and leave them with a memory of the night as well.

Simply buy solid colored Ornament balls, I chose the smaller ones this time. Micheal’s often have these on sale for under $4 for a pack.

Using Sharpie markers or the new Sharpie paint pens write your guests name on the ornaments. I added a little holly and candy cane to compliment the table cloth. Add a ribbon at the top and place at the table.

So simple!!

This past year we also received a holiday ornament done similarly (Our last names and year) from a neighbor as a gift. It was on a larger clear ornament but very thoughtful and festive.

Another great idea for Christmas  Placecards are the Cocoa Cones, I made, just add the names on each bag or label.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Place card ideas?

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