Easy Magic Tricks for a Birthday Party

Looking for Easy Magic Tricks for a Party? Are you considering hiring a magician for your child’s birthday party but aren’t all that keen on the price?
Perhaps you’re reluctant to spend money on something that’s not guaranteed to keep little ones entertained, or perhaps you just don’t know where to look to find a quality entertainer.

It doesn’t matter – if you’re determined enough, you can learn a few magic tricks yourself. 

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids Birthday Parties

Easy Magic Tricks for a Birthday Party 

It might sound silly at first, but that furrowed brow is guaranteed to turn into a smile once you realize just how easy a lot of kids magic tricks really are.
If you’re willing to put a little bit of time and effort into learning a few basic tricks, you can be the life and soul of your child’s birthday party.
There’s nothing cooler than a mum or dad who can do magic – just ask die hard Harry Potter fans. Here are a few easy magic tricks that you can impress your guests with. 

Mind Reader Easy Magic Trick 


  • Place three blank pieces of paper on a table.
  • Turn to a member of your audience and instruct him or her to think of somebody’s name. They must not say it aloud though.
  • Tell them that you are going to read their mind and work out what name they are thinking of.
  • After that, ask the child to think of a number and then ask the child to think of either the color red or the color green. 
Now, here’s how this easy magic trick works.
According to Spoonful.com, you must appear to be performing the trick forwards, whilst actually working backwards. Essentially, you’re going to get your audience member to tell you all three answers before you reveal your own predictions.
The first prediction has to be a guess, but because you’ve told your guest to think of only red or green – there’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll get it right. So, working backward – when you are supposed to be writing down what name your guest is thinking of, you should actually be working backwards and guessing either red or green. 
Write your prediction down on the first piece of paper and fold it. On the second piece of paper, write the name that your guest has just revealed after you pretended to write it on the first piece of paper.
On the final piece of paper, write down the number that your guest reveals after you have pretended to guess at and write down their chosen color. Of course, you already did that to begin with.
Hand all three notes to another audience member and have them reveal them. You will almost always get all three right and you’ll look like a mum or dad who can read minds! 

Easy Coin Bending Magic Trick for Kids 

  • Hold a ten-cent coin with both hands – your thumbs should be on the back of the coin and your first and second fingers on the front, says KidSpot.com.
  • Push the thumbs forward and pull the fingers to the edge of the coin. Then, move both your hands inwards so that the backs of your hands move forward, towards each other.
  • Do not remove your thumbs from the coin. Move your hands back into the starting position and repeat four or five times until the coin appears to bend. The trick is to master the movements and speed them up. 

Ice Breath Magic Trick 

This is another great visual trick and it’s really very easy to achieve. Cut a small piece of sponge into a circle that will fit snug in the bottom of a paper cup. It should not fall out even when you tip the cup.
Place an ice cube on this piece of sponge and then tell your guests to watch as you turn water into ice with your magical breath. Pour a small amount of water into the paper cup and wait until the sponge has soaked it all up.
Make a big deal about blowing on the cup with your magic breath and then tip the ice cube out onto a table. Your guests will think that you’ve turned the water into ice with your special powers! Neat, huh?

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Author Bio:Emily Steves has been a children’s entertainer for eight years. She recommends DNA Kids Magic Parties to keep the kids entertained and amazed. Steves is often hired to perform magic tricks at birthday parties and her favorite trick is reading minds.


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