Fall Gardening

Fall garden

In many areas you might be enjoying your final days or weeks of frost free weather.

In Virginia our fall is mild enough that we can have a fall vegetable garden. Even though my green beans were still producing, it still took a few days to have enough to serve the family, I pulled out the very healthy looking vines to acquire the much needed real estate.
My grape tomato plants,basil and a few carrots are the only ones that are still producing so I decided to leave them right where they were for a few weeks. I am also surprised how bountiful my green pepper plants have been in their container. I still have 6 small but lovely peppers maturing on the plants. I only harvested one slightly deformed green pepper in the unamended soil in a flower garden.
I hand tilled the garden soil a little bit and added a little compost to provide some new nourishment for the new plants. I even organized it in rows more neatly than before since most of the items came in seed form. The newspaper shredding are leftover from my mulch for the tomatoes.
We are going to try broccoli again as it did very well in the spring. I also cheated and picked up some kale at the local nursery. I have started my lettuces in a smaller pot a few weeks ago it get a head start and will transplant them when they are a little bigger. I did this in the late winter and the lettuces transplanted wonderfully.
We are going to try beets and carrots as well.
Another great fall item is garlic. Most likely you have all that you need in your kitchen.
Simply plant one of the garlic cloves, with the brown end down into the ground and come late spring, early summer you will be able to harvest it. If I am successful we will discuss harvesting techniques then.
I did notice that with the past few warm afternoons my broccoli wilted a little bit but always perks back up in the am.
Please comment and let me know how your summer garden went and if you are going to try any other fall veggies.

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