Deliciously Easy Family Movie Night Snacks

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op. The hot days of summer are a great excuse to cool off indoors and take a break from the heat .

Why not organize a family movie night. However,  movie nights / afternoons are not complete without snacks, usually of the salty variety are a must at our house.


While my family loves freshly made popcorn, we were thrilled with the new Chex Mix variety now on grocery shelves. We tried the new Chex Mix Popped at our last night movie night and wanted to share our thoughts on this brand new snack option.

Inside each bag of Chex Mix Popped,  you will find the familiar flavors of the Chex Mix we all love, with the fun addition of flavored popcorn.

The new Chex Mix Popped comes in 2 varieties: white cheddar and sweet and salty. Our taste buds immediately went to the White Cheddar flavor first.


Now for the taste text… Thumbs up from both the kids and parents. It is the perfect combination of two snacks we already love all in one bag. One warning thought be careful this is addicting and I have only found these in small bags. So stock up for your next movie night because I am sure it wont last.


If you are a salty kind of popcorn eater, grab the White Cheddar Variety but if you are more of a caramel corn fan, I recommend going for the Sweet and Salty variety.


We mixed things up even further with the addition of some chocolate candy to our sweet and salty bag for some extra fun and true movie night snack maddness. 

What is your favorite Family Night Movie Snacks and which Chex Mix Popped variety would you like to try first? See what others are saying about Chex Mix Popped  and how they are enjoying their new snack mix.


  1. I love having family movie night!!! It’s a great way to just spend time together!! =) I love the check mix! I’m not sure which I would love more!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yum! I love chex mix! so do my kids. I wonder if they make gluten-free?

  3. Chex trail mix is pretty addicting, but we always made our own and added popcorn too it. It’s nice they finally caught on too.

  4. All the snacks. All the snacks. Looks like the little one enjoyed them. Making me hungry. Popcorn or Twizzlers is always my choice

  5. I love sweet and salty snacks. it is almost midnight and now I wish I had a bag of chex mix in the house!

  6. I’ve been making this exact same mix for my kids before it was bagged– super glad I can now buy it off the shelve like this

  7. Chex Mix popped! Yum! i have never seen that before. I can’t wait to try it.

  8. Chex does make for good snacking, let me tell you. I lik ethe m&ms in there it’s great to have that bit of sweet and salty mixed together.

  9. My fave snack at home is popcorn, now I do it up a bit fancy and add a butter/truffle oil/ S&P mix to it. Sooo delightful. However, I have to say I would totally give the Check popped a try because I really love anything with popcorn

  10. who doesn’t love popcorn at the movies.. !! and these look really great, never tried this.. thanks for telling this..

  11. OHH I haven’t seen the popped version of chex mix! I love chex mix and this is sure to be good! I will have to look for it.

  12. Oh me and Chex Mix sound like a bad idea…I love that stuff. I haven’t seen any of those here yet. Come. Soon. Chex. Mix

  13. popcorn in the same bag as chips. I’m all for mixes but this is a little much for me.

  14. That white cheddar one sounds great! I love chex and white cheddar popcorn. I’ll have to try that!

  15. I love combining sweet and salty while snacking. Looks delirious!

  16. I love party mix snacks! Thanks for the homemade suggestions!

  17. we like popcorn and m&m’s. But that chex mix looks really good.

  18. We love popcorns especially while watching a fun movie together. The sweet and salty variant must be really delicious!

  19. I love the Chex Mix original mixes and popcorn is my absolute favorite snack food, so I am sure I would love the combination. Thanks for this review!

  20. I LOVE Chex Mix! I need to go try this version of it, thanks!

  21. They look like the perfect thing for a Dollar Tree Theater night…

  22. Thank goodness Chex Mix finally did this. I’ve been doing this on my own for a long time. It’s going to be much easier this way.

  23. I received these a while back and OMG they are so good. I just loved them.

  24. I did a version of this last night.. i like chex mix..

  25. That loos so good. I didn’t know they came with popcorn now.

  26. I would go for the white cheddar mix first! I’ve always thought that chex mix needed popcorn, so glad they added it!

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