Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Dads That Fish or Hunt

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Dads That Fish or Hunt

Do you have a father in your life that loves to fish and hunt? Can you recall the moments of joy in your father’s eyes when you caught that first fish or landed that first wild turkey? My boys have gained lifelong memories of being outdoors with their father either fishing or hunting. (More fishing). What a great way to bond in nature, technology-free and only have each other to chat with. Recently many of our vacations have been planned around the ability to fly fish. It’s not always about the fish or game you bring in but it’s about the memories and special time spent together.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Dads That Fish or Hunt

Father’s Day is around the corner and you can’t even begin to think what to buy the guy who has everything to support his hunting and fishing hobbies. Many times these items can be very personal that they wouldn’t even want someone else to purchase them. Answer this question first and we might have a solution for you.  Is your freezer full of plastic bags filled with prize fish and/or game?

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Dads That Fish or Hunt

If you answered yes, then stop browsing the internet for Fathers Day gift ideas. You need to buy the dad that fishes or hunts a GameSaver® 710 Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System .

how to preserve fresh caught fish 2

Why you need a GameSaver® 710 Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System

  • Keeps fish and game fresh up to 5X longer* and prevents freezer burn (*Compared to ordinary storage methods)
  • It is super easy to use and you can even take it on your next hunting or fishing adventure. It is designed for on the road with a rugged carry handle and 12 Volt DC Adaptor power up and preserves from autos, boats, and RVs.
  • Built-in storage compartment holds the Fresh Handheld Sealer to use when marinating food in the FoodSaver® Quick Marinating Containers.
  • You can easily find the refill bags as it  works with GameSaver®Accessories:
  • Find it at your local Walmart Store.

This fish will not last long in our freezer as we wait to catch enough to feed our family. Time to seal it to last!

how to preserve fresh caught fish 2

In minutes we transferred our prepared catch from a zipper bag to a vacuum Heat Sealed bag.

how to preserve fresh caught fish 2

Now there is no rush to make this for dinner until we catch enough to feed the whole family.



The GameSaver® Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System is the perfect gift for any outdoorsman. Be sure to throw in some of the GameSaver® Heat-Seal Bags and Rolls and hope for a productive hunting season!

how to preserve fresh caught fish 2



GameSaver® Father’s Day Contest

Gamesaver® has partnered with The Sporting Chef to offer fans the once-in-a-lifetime chance to win not only a GameSaver® Big Game Vacuum Sealing System but to cook with The Sporting Chef!

To enter the contest, participants must share a photo on Instagram or Facebook that celebrates fatherhood and captures a precious memory between dad and child in order to connect with the Preserve the Moment theme, using this specific hashtag: #PreserveTheMomentContest. The Grand Prize winner will receive the opportunity to cook with The Sporting Chef in their own home, as well as the Ultimate Father’s Day Prize Package that includes many items along with the GameSaver® Big GameTM Vacuum Sealing System. Learn more about this Fathers Day Contest.

Two runner-ups will also receive the Ultimate Father’s Day Prize Package.

Be sure to pin this for when you are in the market to buy a gift for that Hunter or Fisherman in your life. Your freezer will thank you too!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Dads That Fish or Hunt


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  1. Those food savers are perfect! We use ours to pack up veggies from the garden at the end of season to freeze for winter!

  2. I’m no hunter but I do enjoy casting a rod now and again. That vacuum sealer would be perfect for keeping the fish super fresh until eating or cleaning time

  3. My father loves to fish and these are such great ideas for him! We don’t fish as much as we would like but with these new gifts, I’d bet he’d go more often!

  4. My brother would love the fishing gear. My cousin would be ecstatic too. They both go on fishing trips together and I know they have most weekends booked for their favorite activity. Although they are not dads yet, I still think they’d make great daddies someday.

  5. I have always wanted to try out a FoodSaver. It would be so useful when I buy food in bulk.

  6. My dad enjoys doing both. I am always at a loss as what to get him, so this is helpful.

  7. My dad is neither but one of my uncles loves to fish! I bet I’d become the favourite niece this year with these gifts 🙂

  8. We have the food saver for when we shop at Costco and want to separate the large amounts of meats. These are great ideas for the hunter/fisher in your life.

  9. I know a few Dads who love to fish! A vacuum sealer is a great original gift idea that I definitely wouldn’t have thought of.

  10. Oh my husband loves to fish! I love these ideas! Hes so hard to shop for!