Fiber One Streusel Bars for on the go Fiber

I am a member of PlateFullCoOp and was provided product and a promotional gift items to conduct this review. All the opinions expressed are 100 % my own. In college adding fiber to your diet was like adding shards of cardboard to your yogurt. It had no flavor but I did it to stay healthy and keep myself regular if you will. A few weeks ago I reviewed the Salted Caramel Fiber One bars and now they have even made eating fiber more fun with their new Fiber One St

reusel Bars. Fiber on the go has come a long way since the early 90’s. 



I first tried these new Fiber bars at the PlatefullCoOp Bloggers Retreat earlier this month. What a great experience and a chance to meet the folks behind this fun group. As part of our time at General Mills we were able to try a few brand new products on the market. 



These bars look like you could get them in the bakery section of your supermarket. They have the perfect crunchy taste at the end that resembles that freshly baked streusel you might indulge in but get no extra health benefits. These Fiber One Bars come in both a Blueberry and Strawberry topping and provide 5 grams of Fiber per serving.


The are the perfect size to take on the go. My daughter had early Soccer games this weekend, and I grabbed a Fiber One Streusel Bar along with my coffee to enjoy on the drive. 


While I am a big breakfast eater, I don’t always think about how much fiber I am getting as I am running out the door, and I am confident when I grab a Fiber One Streusel bar I am not enjoying a sweet snack but sneaking much needed fiber into my body.



 How do you sneak fiber into your diet?

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