Fishing: Creating Summer Memories

This post  about fishing brought to you by Stren. The content and opinions expressed below are that of close to home.

Summer vacation can be bittersweet. Do you often have to push the kids off their technology or off the couch? Have you introduced your kids to fishing? My kids have been fishing since they were young and the smiles on their faces when they catch something can not be replicated by any video game. No matter if you have a small pond or access to an ocean, fishing is something the whole family can enjoy over the summer and create amazing memories.

While we were visiting our cousins we decided to take them on a fishing trip to one of their local lakes. We picked up a few Shakespeare Catch More Fish Combos, packed up the car and dogs and decided to test our luck. Shakespeare Catch More Fish Combos come pre-spooled with Stren fishing line and includes a fishing kit equipped with hooks and bait. These kits make great gifts for beginner fisherman. IMG_0095

The bonding started as my 12 year old, the most proficient fisherman in the group was tasked with getting everyone to put their rods together.


I love that Stren fishing line is made in the USA and the kids received a variety of bait to test out. Unfortunately we were not successful on this trip but there was a lot of cousin bonding. IMG_0100

Even though the kids started in a group when we started, the kids seemed to double up together and sit and talk as they fished. There were no phones, no tv and no fighting on this trip. Sure their attention span can be daunting if there is no luck, the kids enjoyed being outside and together.


There are a variety of different types of fishing combo; you may choose any you see fit for you and your family’s level of expertise. Below are some links to the most popular combos:

fishing rods

**Each combo will include a fishing kit equipped with what is needed on your fishing checklist depending on the situation. Be sure to research ponds and lakes in your area before heading out. Many websites will give you hints as to what fish are available as well as what the best fishing times are. You may also need to get fishing permits.

I am so glad my kids were able to enjoy a fun afternoon fishing with their cousins, as these are the summer memories they will cherish in years to come. Hope we will catch a big one before we head out of town.


What are you favorite fishing memories?

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  1. We don’t go fishing, but it looks like your family had a really nice day together. I especially love the idea of no phones or television.

  2. I’ve never gone fishing but when I was growing up, my cousins used to go all the time. Looks like your kids had a blast!

  3. I’ve never been fishing. It looks like a fun way to spend a day.

  4. I have never gone fishing but i would like to. It looks so fun to pull the fish out of the water and then assume that people feel a great sense of accomplishment while they eat lol

  5. This looks like a similar scene from our week! My kids just worked on making noodle jugs and then went jug fishing with their Granddad. I have the best memories of fishing with my family, and now they do too!

  6. My hubby takes our 3 year old son fishing all the time. My son LOVES it and my hubby is happy he has a fishing buddy:) I need to tell my hubby about this because he has been wanting to upgrade our sons pole.

  7. My boys have gone fishing with their dad before and enjoyed it. I am not really an outdoors person, especially, in the summer so I have never experienced it. However, I have been crabbing before and that was a great experience.