How to Fix a Cracked Cabinet Door In 5 Easy Steps

This is a sponsored post about how to repair a cracked cabinet door. My husband received a product to review and facilitate this post but all his opinions are 100% his own. The Black & Decker 20V Max 1/2″ Lithium Cordless Drill is a “must have” to any DIY homeowner. The drill is lightweight, versatile and very easy to use. It comes with two batteries to ensure the tool is always ready to go to work. The extra battery can be left in the charger indefinitely so there are no worries of every having to deal with a battery pack that isn’t fresh and not fully charged.

photo 2 Black And Decker drill

  The drill fits comfortably in your hand and can tackle some pretty tough jobs. It shifts seamlessly from the screw to the drill option and can easily drill through just about any type of material, including concrete. 


The keyless chuck allows for quick changing of drill bits and to either the flathead or Phillips screw options. Speed options include drill speeds 1 and 2 and screw speeds 1 and 2 with 22 different torque options. The drill also has an LED light so you can drill in areas with less light sources. 

Black and Decker
Recently, this DIY homeowner had to repair a handmade Cherry cabinet. The panel on our kitchen panty was starting to crack due to the normal “wear and tear.” The cracks in the panel where running the length of the cabinet starting near the door hinges. 


In order to reinforce the panel, we installed three flat brackets, each with 6 screws to be inserted into the 1/2″ wood frame of the cabinet. In all, the job required 18 pre-holes to be drilled, followed by 18 screws to be secured into the brackets and Cherry wood. The B&D 20V Max 1/2″ Lithium Cordless performed flawlessly. With a 1/16″ bit,  we drilled 18 pre-holes into the wood taking measure not to drill through the front of the cabinet. Then, after using the keyless chuck to switch from the drill bit to the Phillips head screwdriver, we installed the 18 screw fasteners using a lower torque option. In all, the job took about 15 minutes. 

photo 1

Additionally, with the LED light, I was able to see what I was doing the entire job. My previous cordless did not have a keyless chuck (I was always losing the chuck key) nor a light. In all, the B&D 20V Max 1/2″ Lithium Cordless probably shaved a good 15-20 minutes off this job. It’s a great addition to my workbench!

The Drill/Driver is sold with two lithium ion batteries, charger, 1 double ended screw driving bit and storage bag for around $99. Buy Your Drill Here.


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  1. I love tools. I have my own arsenal that my husband is forbidden to touch.

  2. Thank you for this post, I live alone now and need to know how to do these kind of things.

  3. I will ask… he loves projects that are his idea though!!

  4. My husband would love this tool. Maybe he would fix things

  5. I have a few cabinet doors that are starting to do this too. Heck, I could probably even repair it myself with that drill!

  6. Glad it worked out I feel like calling the company but it has been 7 years…

  7. Awesome! That works great! I wish I would have seen this post 6 months ago, a crack on our cabinet, turned into a missing door….. But on the plus side, now we get to get new cabinets 🙂

  8. He made this look easy! I loveBlack and Decker products they are amazing.

  9. He got a little help at the hardware store but he is so methodical he got the holes perfectly spaced. He loves this drill

  10. Looks like it is quite sturdy now.