Fleischmann’s Simply Homemade MommyParty and Review

When you think of yeast, one usually thinks of a complicated recipe*. Homemade bread usually takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete from start to finish. Well not any more. Fleischmann’s Simply Homemade®   has made a new product to bring fresh baked bread to your table in one hour.
This was my first MommyParty and I was thrilled to receive boxes of Simply Homemade in Country White, Italian Herb, Stone Ground Wheat and Multi Grain.
I was a little skeptical as I have made “Beer bread” before and it was just ok.
  My family could not wait for me to host the party to try one of the boxes.
Since it states it is an easy recipe, I had my 10 year old make it. SImply 3 steps. Mix: Rise: and Bake

Here she is and we even added Cinnamon since we were making it for breakfast.

Outstanding especially warm.
Well that was easy now it was time to host my MommyParty. I chose the Girls Night In theme and decided to keep it very casual. We are all busy and good friends so no one to impress, I thought I would let the bread do that.
Party Favors
The Day of the party, I already had the wine and toppings purchased now for the bread making. Amazing how quickly I put together 3 loaves of bread. Even made a sundried tomato version out of the Italian Herb.
Sun Dried Tomato
When the guests arrived I had the first two guests start a loaf. One of them had never even made bread before outside of a bread machine.
A success indeed.
While we waited for the bread to rise and bake they tasted the different varieties of baked bread with hummus, flavored  olive oil dip, white cheddar and mango chutney and bruschetta.
I don’t remember anyone complaining but going for seconds.
We also played a few of the games suggested in my Party Pack. An Ice Breaker game you can use at any party just change the theme. Each person had to write what they would do if they were given 2 1/2 hrs (the time to bake other bread recipes) and then folded up the papers. We then had to guess who wrote what. Even with good friends it was not that easy!
I think all had fun and will consider purchasing the mix in the future, especially with the $1 coupon they were given. It does contain milk in the ingredients so one guest was disappointed as she has allergies at home. Maybe Fleischmann’s can revamp one of the mixes to make it more appealing to dairy allergies.
One guest was having her birthday the next day so we added a candle and sang her Happy Birthday. Probably her first Bread Cake!!

 Thank You MommyParty for letting me host this Great Event!

My Hostess gift and Loaf friends made

*quote from one of the guests

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  1. Happy Birthday, LJS! I’m sorry I missed it!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun!