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Flip Flop Themed Crafts  Fun Summer Crafts for Kids and Adults


We have updated this post from 2010. 

Need a last-minute gift bag idea this summer or maybe you just don’t want to spend $5.00 on a gift bag. I usually keep a stack of plain white paper gift bags. You can get them at any craft store, usually in sets of 10 for 5.00. If you use a  Michael’s coupon it is even cheaper.

I was putting a gift together last minute this week and realized I did not have an appropriate gift bag to package it. I remembered a bulletin board at my son’s preschool full of flip flops and thought I would recreate it on a bag.

I was pretty pleased and my daughter suggested I put two on the next one!!
All you need is colored paper, ribbon scraps and glue and in about 10 minutes you have an adorable gift bag.

Materials to make a FLIP FLOP GIFT BAG


If you need a visual just grab your own flip flop for reference!.

  • Colored paper or foam
  • Scissors
  • Whole punch for paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue 
  • White Gift Bag


1. Simply cut a flip flop shape out of the paper, the size will depend on if you are using two flip flops or just one large one. Mine was about 6 inches.

how to make a paper flip flop

Punch out 3 holes, one on the left side, middle top, and right side.


Measure the distance between the top and side hole and cut a piece a ribbon 2 1/2 times that.

flip flop gift bag ribbon

Fold the ribbon in half, if printed right sides together. Place the folded end into the top hole slightly and then unfold the ribbon into the other wholes.

Alternatively, you can cut 2 pieces of ribbon and attach through the slits and tape them on the back. 

Trim the excess ribbon and tape to secure the ribbon.

Just glue onto your bag, I used school glue but you can use a glue gun too.

finished flip flop bag

Here is the first one we made back in 2010

Add the gift and some matching tissue paper and the gift bag is a gift in itself.


My friend sent me this picture of cookies she made for an end of year party at her school. I had to share them as we are all getting ready for summer.


She made sugar cookies in the shape of flip flops by hand or with a cookie cutter.

Frosted them with a variety of colors and sprinkles.

Then use a sour gummy worm and split it down almost to the end as the thong part of the shoe.

For a creative display, she used graham cracker crumbs as a base on her tray.

Great work Melanie!

You could make smaller versions of these and add to a cupcake. Don’t want to make cookies in this heat, shape flip flops out of rice krispie treats.

For an even easier flip flop themed cookie, simply use nutter butter cookies, like they do in this flip flop cookie tutorial. 

nutter butter flip flop cookies

Make Fun Flip Flops to Wear

Don’t forget to check out this tutorial for balloon flip flops. 

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