Food Hack: Copy-Cat Butterfinger Bites

Food Hack: Copy-Cat Butterfinger Bites

My all time favorite chocolate bar is a Butterfinger, but I really only enjoy one or two at Halloween. There is something about waiting all year to bite into one of those that makes me happy. Does not take much. Anyway, I recently saw someone comment about copy cat butterfingers that did not involve too much work, really only 3 ingredients so I was all over it. If you want to create that amazing flavor at home you must try this combo of Cheez_Its crackers, Peanut Butter ( creamy), and chocolate discs. I hope you enjoy these Copy Cat Butterfinger Bites as much as we did. I will be curious to see what you think about the flavor in comparison to the real thing. 


Remember the Chocolate covered peanut butter sandwiches I made for Valentine’s Day? If not check those out as well, they taste like the Tagalong Girl Scout Cookie. Well basically we are doing the same thing just with a different cracker and getting a totally different taste. I love finding these food hacks. 

I thought I would try making these Fake Butterfingers with the large size Cheez_Its. Just spread some peanut butter on one and top it with another.



Then dip the entire cracker sandwich into the melted chocolate discs.

Allow to cool completely.

Then take a bite. Trust me I am sure you will not be able to eat just one. Or maybe it’s because I have no will power. Let me know what you think. 


The kids thought they were amazing and so did their friends who happened to come over and got a taste test. Good thing I ran out of Chocolate and that the friends finished my stash or I could have eaten the entire plate.


What fun Food hacks have you made?



  1. I would never have thought of using cheez its. Those look delicious!

  2. I have always wanted to make my own! This is genius!

  3. This is such a fascinating idea. I never would have thought to use Cheez-Its for something like this.

  4. Interesting. Cheez its? What a great recipe! Looks yummy!

  5. Great idea! I never would have thought to use crackers like that.

  6. I love Butterfingers! These look gorgeous! I’m going to have to give it a whirl.

  7. I did love butterfingers, I will have to try this healthier version!

  8. What a clever use of Cheez-Its! I would have never thought of this. They look yummy!

  9. These look so tasty! I pinned your post to make later! I know my family will love these!

  10. Exactly just make a few and wrap the rest of gifts, thats the only way I can control myself!

  11. what a fun combo! I can’t wait to make these for our spring party!

  12. What a great recipe! I love butterfingers and now I can make my own.

  13. My hubby loves Butterfingers. I have remade a nacho dish the kids loved at an eat-in-theater we used to go to in Florida. That’s one of my few hacks…but I love to read about others!

  14. Oh yum! What an awesome idea. I know my boyfriend is a huge butterfinger fan!

  15. This is a really clever idea. I love Butterfingers but I never would have thought to make them with Cheez-Its

  16. These look tasty and so simple! I have been craving butterfingers lately, too. I have a box of Annie’s Cheese crackers in my pantry, and some peanut butter and dark chocolate disks, so I am going to try your recipe. I bet my 4-year-old will love them!

  17. Gosh! I love Butterfinger! I have bee looking for a copy cat recipe! Thanks!

  18. OMG those look amazing! I would never have thought of using Cheez Its! What a great idea!

  19. These look really good. I wouldn’t have thought to use Cheezits with chocolate. Creative!

  20. Oh those look so good! I would never have thought of putting those together! Oh I cannot wait to try these! I LOVE Butterfingers! I pinned to make soon! 🙂

  21. That is a really great way to make them!! These sound so good!!

  22. Really Cheez It’s for the inside? Why didn’t I think of that! What a brilliant idea!

  23. Oh that is brilliant. Gotta try this.

  24. My favorite Candy Bar is Butterfinger as well .. Im Drooling just looking at this

  25. YUMMY!! plus who knew. I love this hack for butterfinger bites. r

  26. These look delish and so easy to make too! Butterfinger is one of my fav candy bars too!

  27. These seem fantastic to me. Anything with PB and chocolate and I’m hooked 🙂
    The problem is once you start eating you cannot stop….;.

  28. That is such a unique recipe! I am sure my kids and husband would also love them!

  29. Your food hack combines three of my favorite foods, Cheez_et crackers, peanut butter and chocolate and I have all of this in the closet so I’m off to try this out.

  30. Food Hacks are so fun! I did a copy cat orange julius and it was SO good!

  31. OMGoodness! Butterfinger candy bars are one of my favorites, too. My kids love Cheez-Its so we always have those around. I’ll be whipping a batch (or two) of these up as soon as my kitchen is put back together.

  32. I never would have thought to combine CheezIts and chocolate! I can’t wait to try these. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  33. What a fun recipe! I love Butterfinger candy, but would never have thought to re-create it using crackers! This is great and I know I will have to make it for my family!

  34. My hubby is going to LOVE these. Butterfingers are his weakness.

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