Free Christmas Decorations-or a reason to trim some trees

Not all of your decorations have to be store bought and plastic. I love spending an hour looking around the yard, or neighborhood, and looking for some fresh greenery to cut and fill the house with. Good excuse to get the kids out for some fresh air.

Evergreens are a given, but how about using some Magnolia, Holy or boxwood. Ask some neighbors if you can trim a few branches as the tree won’t mind the grooming.

This year I cut some branches of a Dogwood and spray painted them white.
Think of the possibilities, if you prefer red or bright green go for it. They will act as a great accent in the arrangement. Here is a red glittered branch I bought at Michael’s and served as my inspiration.

Here are the white branches I spray painted and  I used in an outdoor arrangement. We also got a big rain storm a few nights ago and they stayed well.

How about finding pinecones and adorning them with some glitter. The kids will love making these and your neighbors won’t care if you help get them off their lawns. Best part you don’t have to put them in the attic in January, they can go back out in nature.

Here is a wired arrangement made from boughs you can often pick up where they sell christmas trees. We have not gotten our tree yet, so this is from last year.

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